As you know the iPhone is already pretty good at taking decent photos but as with pretty much everything in life, there’s always room for improvement. As well as the many and varied iPhone camera apps that are out there, there’s also some great camera accessories you can get for your iPhone. Take a look at some of our favourites.

Holga iPhone Filter

Holga-FilterThis funky gadget which costs under £20 is a great way to create some fun pictures with your iPhone. The Holga filter slides onto your iPhone like a case and it has a wheel of 9 special effect lenses which provide 9 different photography effects/filters so you can create some unique images without the need for any apps or special software. You can also use it with Instagram to generate several layers of filters and some really atmospheric shots.


olloclipThe Olloclip is a pocket sized three-in-one nifty accessory which slides securely over the lens of your iPhone camera and includes a fisheye lens, wide-angle lens and macro lens. The fisheye lens will capture a view of up to 180 degrees, the wide-angle lens gives you a depth of almost twice what you can achieve on your iPhone and the macro lens magnifies images by an additional 10x which is perfect for close-ups. Worth experimenting with apps and software and you can compose some brilliant and beautiful photos, lots of fun to be had using them in combination with the iPhone’s panorama mode.


poppy-3D-iPhone-camera-xlThis brand new camera accessory turns your iPhone into a 3D camera which can be used for both photos and video. It’s compatible with the iPhone 4, 4S, and 5 and also with the fifth generation iPod Touch. Basically you attach the Poppy 3D device to your iPhone or iPod and it will take two images in stereographic format using your main iPhone camera. When you look through the Poppy viewfinder, it cleverly combines your photos or videos into a 3D version. You can also use Poppy to watch any of the 3D videos which are already available on YouTube and a Poppy app is being developed which will allow you to store your handiwork in your iPhone albums and to upload your 3D videos onto YouTube. foto.sosho

i.amWith with a name that only could have come up with, this high-end wearable (you wear it around your neck) camera accessory will no doubt appeal to die-hard fashionistas, trend setters and let’s face it, people with a fair bit of cash to spare. The is a type of iPhone camera come case which you pop your iPhone into and it converts it into a box-shaped powerful camera. It comes complete with interchangeable lenses, a choice of filters, a decent built-in flash, photo editing features and even a keyboard which makes sharing your images quick and simple. Available exclusively at Selfridges, the black version retails for around £199 but if you want to make a statement, there’s also a bling white and gold version priced at £299.