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  1. What is a SIM Only Plan?

    If you keep hearing about people switching to SIM only to reduce their bill but you're not sure how to or what it is? This is for you. SIM only plans have been around for years and millions of people across the UK pick them as their go to choice when choosing a mobile network. They cost less money per...
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  2. 10 Reasons To Switch To a SIM Only Plan

    SIM Only plans are becoming more popular, but what's so good about them? Before we get stuck into the top 10 reason to switch to SIM only, let's address what a SIM only plan is... of course, lots of you know already but many don't (including my mum). What is a SIM only plan? A SIM only plan is a...
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  3. How To Request Your PAC Code To Switch Mobile Networks

    It's now as easy as sending a text message to change networks. Gone are the days of having to phone your mobile network, navigate the menu options and then sit on hold to switch to a different mobile network and a better deal.  New rules brought in by Ofcom back in 2019 mean you can now just send a text...
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  4. The Best Mobile Phones You Can Buy in March

    Need some help choosing your new phone? Here are the best-selling phones this month. Gone are the days when we just had to choose between a Nokia or a Motorola in black or grey. With the arrival of Apple's iPhone and a huge range of smartphones from the likes of Samsung, Sony, Google and newcomers such as OnePlus, Honor and...
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  5. 10 Ways To Reduce Your Mobile Phone Bill Now

    There are plenty of ways to get your bill down and get more for your money in the process Our phones are one of the most useful tools in our lives; keeping us connected to the world around us, entertaining us with games, music and videos and helping us with all manner of daily tasks such as shopping, directions, banking...
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  6. Samsung S22 vs S22 Plus vs S22 Ultra: Everything You Need To Know

    We compare the S22 series models to help you choose which one is right for you. Samsung have announced the launch of its new Galaxy S22 line-up with the Galaxy S22, S22 Plus and S22 Ultra. These phones all feature upgrades to both the technology and camera, as well as stylish additions to the design. The most exciting reveal is...
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  7. All Fun & Games? Creating a Safer Internet For Children

    Making it easier to help young people stay safe online Having conversations with your children about online safety can be a challenge for many parents and to avoid what can often turn into a confrontational situation, a lot of us put it off until we need to have the conversation because something has happened. Another reason we put the conversation...
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  8. Three's New Reward App Gives Customers Exclusive Discounts

    Discounts on cinema tickets, plus exclusive content just for Three mobile customers. Three has launched a new rewards app for its customers that enables them to access discounts and exclusive content, such as savings on cinema tickets. It is called Three+, and UK customers of the Three network (including if you buy your phone at Chitter Chatter) can access the...
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  9. iOS 15: All the new features included on the latest iPhone software

    When it arrived in September this year, Apple’s iOS 15 was already a major talking point among fans and tech-savvy crowds alike. You can now download it to your compatible iPhone for free and get instant access to exclusive upgrades in a number of Apple’s apps.  Alternatively, it's available on the new iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13...
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  10. New iPhones and More | Everything Announced at the 2021 Apple Event

    Everything announced at the Apple Event 2021 This September saw the world turned to Apple Park for ‘California Streaming’, its 2021 launch announcement for several brand-new products and updates to its Apple range. Following a quick emergency security update sent to iPhone users on the 14th of September, Tim Cook was on hand at this Apple Event to reveal some...
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  11. Samsung Galaxy A52 5G vs A51 | What's the difference?

    Much more than just a number change Choosing your new phone is an important decision, especially as most of us now keep them for two years or more. Comparing phones is the ideal way to work out exactly which device is most suited to your needs, so here we check out the key differences between the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G...
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  12. Three, O2 and Vodafone Team Up To Improve Rural Network Coverage

    A mast sharing agreement between the networks will help boost 4G rural coverage across the UK Mobile operators to build and share 222 mobile masts to boost 4G rural coverage. All four nations of the United Kingdom set to benefit from new investment to eliminate Partial Not Spots. This programme will deliver the first stage of the £1bn Shared Rural...
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