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  1. Understanding Smartphone Screen Resolutions

    Smartphone screen resolutions - it's like another language. Have you got a smartphone with a 1080p screen or has it got a Quad HD (QHD) display? Now there are handsets with a 4K screen! Confused? What does it all mean? Pixels & Resolutions It was only early last year that most of the flagship smartphones sported a 1080p resolution screen, that translates...
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  2. This Week's Chitter Chatter - Pebble, Facebook Dislike, Apple Electric Car & Emoji Keyboard

    Pebble's New SmartWatch Called the Pebble Time Round, this smartwatch is thin, light weight and a good example of how technology can adapt from tradition. It will start retailing in the UK later this year but it's already a hot topic online.   Facebook's Dislike Button After denying rumours about a Dislike button on the social network, Facebook has now announced that it...
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  3. 5 Apps To Fuel Your Creativity

    Inspired by the Apple Pencil and the sketches made at the recent #AppleEvent, we decided to list some of our favourite apps for bringing out the artist in you. Whether you are on an Android or iPhone, you can use these apps - you don't need a stylus. And if the mobile screen's too small for you, don't fret - we sell tablets...
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  4. A Guide To Moving from Android to iOS9

    If you have a Samsung, HTC, LG or other Android OS-based mobile and have bought a new iPhone, Apple has just made the transition smoother with a new app called "Move to iOS". It has also, quite expectedly, sparked a battle amongst the two factions - Android lovers and Apple fanboys - check out the comments on the app's presence on the Google...
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  5. This Week's Chitter Chatter - Apple Pay, New Sony Phones, How Your Smartphone Can Spot When You're Bored

      M-Payment Good news to start this week - at the beginning of this month the limit for buying goods and services using contactless payments including Apple Pay was increased from £20 to £30. This means that you can use your new iPhone or Apple Watch to pay for more things. The reasoning behind the new £30 limit is that...
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  6. The Hermes-Apple Watch, a Stunning iPad Pro & Live Photos with iPhone 6s

    The biggest mobile launch of the year sparked off with huge applause from the crowd gathered at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. Electric anticipation hung in the air throughout the show and social media was abuzz with updates, opinions, photos and lots of Apple Love! Watching the live stream in our store, we quickly gathered a crowd around the monitor - it...
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  7. Android Users - Jealous of Your Mates Using Apple Pay? Read This.

    Getting annoyed by your iPhone 6 toting mates using Apple Pay when you still have to whip out your bank card?  Fear not - help is on the way! Samsung Pay Samsung launched their very own contactless payment system called Samsung Pay in South Korea in August 2015. It is similar to the Apple Pay system whereby you can use your Samsung...
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  8. Top 3 Trends From IFA Berlin

    All the big tech brands are at the Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin (don't worry, we can't pronounce that either, so let's stick to "IFA", shall we?) event this week. IFA is where the year's latest gadgets, product innovations in various categories including wearables, smart homes, apps, robots, and more, are showcased. Lasting till the 9th, IFA is where all the international brands...
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  9. Does Your Smartphone Charge the Fastest?

    Battery life and smartphone charging are always a hot topic of conversation when smartphones are compared. Tom's Guide decided to do their own testing to see how some of the most popular and not so well-known smartphones measured up when it came down to how quickly they charged up. The results make some interesting reading. A selection of six smartphones...
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  10. Tips and Tricks for Your Samsung Galaxy S6

    Ever read the manual that comes with your latest gadget? Thought not. Who does?  And who needs to, because gadgets are so much more intuitive than they were years ago. However, after a couple of hours of playing around with our new phones, we can settle into a comfortable routine and miss out on some fun, useful and time saving...
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  11. This Week's Chitter Chatter - Apple Pay, Sony Xperia Z5 (x3) and HTC Aero

    Let's start this week with good news for iPhone 6 owners - from 1st September, the limit for purchases using Apple Pay and other contactless payments increased from £20 to £30. This will make payment for a wider range of services available using the Apple Pay system and will be convenient for transactions which were previously just over that £20...
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  12. Five of the Best 'Back to School' Apps

    Summer is almost over and it will soon be time for the kids to go back to school. There are some great educational apps around to help ease them back into the school routine. Here are 5 of the best. Teach Your Monster to Read - iOS £3.99 Fantastic for younger children particularly those who are just starting school and...
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