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  1. Three is Now Available at Chitter Chatter

    A new network now available at Chitter Chatter, giving our customers even more choice and value when choosing their new mobile phone At Chitter Chatter, we have a simple mission - help our customers stay connected to what's important to them by offering the best value mobile deals and customer service in the UK.  It's been our mission for the...
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  2. Chitter Chatter Launch Mobile Phone Lifetime Guarantee For UK Customers

    New customer promise gives customers further peace of mind when buying their new mobile phone Mobile Lifetime Guarantee exclusively available at Chitter Chatter when you buy a new mobile phone Includes pay monthly phones with a network contract or SIM Free Part of a number of new services launching with the online retailer in 2020 Today we're really pleased to...
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  3. Our Favourite Mobile Phones of 2020....So Far

    So many to choose from but this list makes it a bit easier This year is only half done and it has already seen a host of new and exciting phones on the market, so this is a good time to run through our list of the best phones 2020 has seen so far. We're not just talking about hardware...
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  4. 10 New Features Coming to Your iPhone With iOS 14

    It's iPhone upgrade time Apple completely and utterly changed the game when they released the first iPhone back in 2007, with the entrepreneurial US company providing the impetus for smartphones to take over the mobile market. Since then, there have been several iterations of the popular handheld device, and no more than 14 different versions of the iOS operating system...
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  5. 8 Top Apps For Learning New Skills

    You’re already using mindfulness and yoga apps to stay calm and you’re all Netflix-ed and podcast-ed out. So, how else can you stay entertained? What about a new hobby or learning a new skill? These apps for iPhone and Android can help. SuperCook This is a great app if you want to use this time at home to improve your...
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  6. 5 Mobile Phones That Cost Less Than £30 A Month

    Not interested in the very latest premium flagship models? You can actually get a really great smartphone from just £19 a month. Remember when Apple first announced that their new iPhone was going to cost £1000? The world was shocked and it dominated tech headlines for weeks during and after it's launch. It's no secret that smartphones have got more...
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  7. iPhone SE (2020) versus iPhone 8 | What's the difference?

    The iPhone SE's 2020 version is here, and so if you are in the market for a new iPhone, it is time to sit up and take notice. It is only natural for consumers to draw comparison between the iPhone SE and the iPhone 8. After all, the SE is 'replacing' the iPhone 8 in Apple's range. Whether you are...
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  8. Which iPhone model should you choose?

    A simple guide to every available iPhone model There are plenty of iPhone models available to choose from right now, and so if you’re new to the iPhone market you might be a little confused on which is the best one for you. iPhones, for many, are the most premium phones you can buy, and so you’ll want to make...
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  9. iPhone SE (2020) versus iPhone 7 | What's the difference?

    Thinking of upgrading from iPhone 7 to the new SE? This guide is for you. Apple's new iPhone SE is similar in design to the 7 and 8 but adds a load of new features It packs the same processor as the more expensive iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro models If you're upgrading from an iPhone 7, the biggest...
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  10. Handy Video Messaging Apps For Staying Connected With Family

    Connect with loved ones in self isolation with these video messaging apps With more and more of us beginning to self-isolate during this coronavirus pandemic, many people will feel cut off from loved ones.  There are particular concerns about older people who are being advised to avoid social contact for a considerable period of time. But if you can’t visit...
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  11. Grab These Two Brilliant iPhone Games While They're Free

    Two of our favourite ever iPhone games are currently available for free If you're looking for some extra entertainment whilst at home outside of Netflix or your latest book, some free games may just be the answer. The brilliant Alto's Odyssey and Alto's Adventure are now available for iOS in the Apps Store for free for a limited time. Both...
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  12. Samsung Galaxy S20 versus S10 | The Differences Explained

    The latest top-end Samsung smartphone is here - and it's a big one, but how does it compare the already brilliant S10? The Samsung Galaxy S20, launched just this week, is an upgraded version of last year's popular S10 model. Arriving in the UK on Friday March 13th, the S20 has a number of features that are sure to win...
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