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  1. The UK's Most Annoying Email Habits Revealed

    Only One Exclamation Mark and Definitely No Kisses Please, We're British. A recent survey of 1,928 people uncovered the phrases and symbols in emails that annoy people the most. Us Brits spend a lot of time on email. 1 in 5 adults spend between 1 and 2 hours a day checking and sending email, 16% spend between 2 and 3...
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  2. Huawei Launches It’s Own App Store To Rival Google and Apple

    Up until now, Huawei devices have offered Google Play (Android) to customers wanting to purchase apps A few month's back Huawei ran into difficulty in allowing Google's apps to feature on future smartphones due to trade restrictions enforced by the USA. This left Huawei unable to install the Google Play Store, Google Play Services or any other Google apps on...
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  3. Chitter Chatter Launch 'No Contract' Lebara SIMs With International Calls

    New partnership sees Lebara now available at Chitter Chatter, including unlimited international calling. For over 25 years, we've been on a mission to always ensure our customers get the best possible value from their mobile - whether that be wanting the best deal on the very latest flagship phone, loads of data or to reduce their bill. Today sees us...
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  4. What is BritBox and How Does It Differ From Netflix or Amazon Prime?

    BritBox is a streaming service dedicated to cherished British TV shows from the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and 5 It launched quietly at the end of last year and is a UK Netflix-style streaming service which will not only show much loved British series from the past but also new commissions specifically tailored for the service. You can watch it...
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  5. The ‘Used' Phone Market Is Growing As Customers Focus On Environment And Saving Money

    Customers have found a new way upgrade their current phone to a newer model for less cash. Refurbished and used smartphone shipments will reach 332.9 million in 2023 with a compound annual growth rate of 13.6% from 2018 to 2023. There has been a 17.6% increase from 2018 to 2019 in officially refurbished and used phones shipped according to the...
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  6. Spielberg's Amazing Stories and Apple's First British Series Both Coming to Apple TV+

    Apple’s first project with Steven Spielberg will be released on March 6th 2020 Following the launch of Apple’s streaming service on 1 November 2019, all eyes have been watching its original programming with keen interest. So far they have been attracting some of the biggest and best talent in TV and film production and seem to be positioning themselves as...
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  7. What Exactly Is a 'Slofie' And Why Is Apple So Excited About Them?

    A slow motion selfie? You're right. They're more entertaining than you think and a key feature of the iPhone 11. One of the highlights of the last Apple Event was the unveiling of 'slofies' - something Apple is flagging as a key feature of their new iPhone 11. Apple has now released not one but two adverts on YouTube to...
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  8. Samsung Galaxy S20 vs iPhone 11 | Which is best?

    Samsung and Android or iPhone 11 with iOS? We help you decide. Having just announced the much anticipated Galaxy S20, Samsung is clearly intent on giving Apple a run for its money. The latest iteration of the Samsung Galaxy model smartphone features top tech in just about every aspect; but then, so does Apple's iPhone 11, which was released this...
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  9. Buying a Refurbished or Pre-Owned iPhone | A Simple Guide

    Reduce your monthly phone bill with a second-hand iPhone and help the planet Choosing a second-hand iPhone means you can get a newer model for less money, reduce your phone bill and helps the environment but how do you ensure you don't end up with some battered piece of stolen junk? We've got you covered with this guide to buying...
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  10. Spotify Will Now Create a Music Playlist For Your Pet

    8 out of 10 pet owners say that their pets like music and even have favourite songs Music streaming giant Spotify ran a survey with 5,000 of their pet owning customers from the UK, US, Australia, Spain and Italy and discovered that 71% played music just for their animal friends! On the back of this research they have created a...
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  11. WhatsApp has stopped working on millions of older phones - here's why

    Check your software version and model if you've got an older iPhone or Android phone The Facebook-owned app stopped supporting a number of old mobile phones at the end of 2019, including phones using Windows Mobile. And from February 2020, it will class a lot of older iPhone and Android models as out of date too. If you own a...
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  12. Can you learn a language on your smartphone?

    Planning your holiday abroad for this year? Learn the language too. We carry our smartphones with us everywhere. Whether we’re on a long commute on public transport or standing in a queue, sitting in the doctors waiting room or simply sitting at home, our phones are never far from our grasp, so it goes without saying that most smartphone users...
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