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Chitter Chatter

  1. HTC Launches the Windows Phone 8X and 8S

    Smartphone launches are coming thick and fast with the Christmas shopping season approaching, and HTC is the latest manufacturer to throw it’s hat into the ring with the launch of the Windows Phone 8X. Looking at the picture at the top of this page, you’ll have noticed already that it comes in a pleasing range of colours. Don’t get too...
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  2. This Week’s Chitter Chatter – Apple No.1 for ‘Cool’, iOS6 & HTC Windows Phone

    What’s the coolest thing you can do? Believe it or not, it’s streaming a YouTube video on your iPhone or iPad.  That’s because Apple and YouTube were voted the top 2 brands in the recent CoolBrands Survey. The Survey questioned over 3,000 consumers and 39 designers, style magazine editors and other experts to determine the world’s coolest brands.  This year...
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  3. Cloud Music Players – Why Do You Need Them and Which One Should You Use?

    This week, Amazon launched their Cloud Player in the UK. What precisely is a ‘Cloud Player’?  Well it’s an alternative way to store your music collection. Rather than getting your PC or Mac all clogged up with tracks, you upload them all to Amazons ‘Cloud’ – that is, Amazon stores them for you. Not only does it free quite a...
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  4. EE and the UK’s First 4G Network - 4GEE

    EE, 4G, 4GEE – do you know what it all means? If not, then here’s a quick explanation. Everything Everywhere, the company behind both T-Mobile and Orange, has announced that it’s changing its name to EE.  That means that the existing Orange and T-Mobile brands will be phased out in the UK and the new brand will become Britain’s largest...
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  5. This Week’s Chitter Chatter – iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy SIV, Amazon Cloud Player and iPad Mini

    Did Apple’s iPhone 5 disappoint? Well, it might have disappointed some journalists but it certainly hasn’t disappointed the smartphone buying public – it’s literally flying off the shelves. Although nobody’s going to get their hands on one until later this month, it has been available for pre-order from Apple and those pre-order stocks sold out within 24 hours. That’s 2...
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  6. The New iPhone 5 - Should You Upgrade?

    Apple unveiled their latest iPhone handset last night during a special event in San Francisco. So what did we get? Well, pretty much as we expected because the leaks and rumours proved to be remarkably accurate. The new iPhone is longer but not wider than its predecessor, the iPhone 4GS. By all reports, it sits just as snugly in your...
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  7. What Can We Expect from Apple’s iPhone5?

    The banners are going up at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center.  The tech media is in a lather of frenzied anticipation. It can only mean one thing – the announcement of Apple’s new iPhone handset. The official unveiling doesn’t come until Wednesday afternoon but the industry has been rife with rumours and speculation. As a result, for those of you...
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  8. This Week’s Chitter Chatter – iPhone 5, new Kindle Fire, 4G & Lady GaGa

    We’re entering a pretty exciting period of new smartphone launches, prompted by the imminent launch of Apple’s new iPhone5 on 12 September. This week alone we’ve seen the launch of a series of new RAZR handsets from Motorola, the announcement of a new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 ‘phablet’ (that’s a big smartphone to you and me – this model with...
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