The 'Taxi Of Mum And Dad' just got very interesting with this new smartphone app

Parents in Britain spend around £12,565 per year driving their kids around using average London taxi rates.

This is the equivalent of around 1,648 miles which let’s face is a lot! That's on top of food, an allowance, use all the household facilities. Introducing Skoda’s revolutionary app that allows children to pay their parents back for all the lifts and pickups around the chores!

It’s a win/win. Clearly they should be doing chores anyway so the taxi chores can be in surplus to the base level but the fact remains that you can be enjoying a cuppa (made by them) while you watch them clean the ‘taxi’ that will be taking them to the party later.

The app doesn’t stipulate how young you can start charging the children in chores, however. Should a 5 year old be expected to tidy their room to be given a lift to the library? Should a 6 year old be out raking the leaves if they expect a ride home from school? Hopefully common sense prevails on this subject and the suggested tasks are geared towards older children so 12 and up seems a suitable age to start.

Examples of chores from on the app include:

- Load and unload the dishwasher
- Make a cup of tea for mum/dad
- Make breakfast in bed for mum/dad
- Make the packed lunches
- Clean the floor
- Mow the lawn
- Put away the shopping
- Take out the rubbish
- Tidy bedroom
- Vacuuming
- Walk the dog
- Wash the car
- Water plants

You may never have to lift a finger again! ‘Make the dinner’ doesn’t seem to be on there yet but there must be a way to add it on.

The fun really starts when you use the app to set the ratio for how miles equate to which chores! You then get into the car, secure your smartphone like a GPS and select ‘Start Journey’. The app then tracks your journey and the chores start racking up like the extra hours you are going to spend in front of the telly/in bed with all your new free-time.

It is up to you if you want to then charge for the distance it takes you to get back home again after you have dropped them off too? Double bubble! You can then share the ‘receipt’ with your ‘client’ for their perusal and even share it on social media for the accountability of dreams!

It just keeps getting better and better. Considering parents spend approximately three hours a week driving their kids around, it is only fair that they get this time back by redistributing the household chores.

In terms of parents who drive the most for their children, Northern Ireland ranked top with an average of 2,142 miles per year while London parents came in second with 1,789 miles, followed by those in the South West with 1,760 miles.

It is the app that parents have been waiting for, now we just need one that bills for sarcasm and charges for cheek.

Skoda's Parent Taxi is available to download now on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

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