With the iOS 9 update, you now have the opportunity to increase the battery life on your iPhone. Just follow these tips and see your phone stay perky till late in the night, without having to recharge it. The update to the latest operating system of the iPhone already promises to give an extra hour of battery.

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1. Low Power Mode:

Activating this will give you up to 3 hours more of battery life. Look for it under Settings > General > Battery

Typically, when you slip into the Red zone, your iPhone will prompt you about using this mode to save power. Granted, we usually dismiss this notification but if you know you will need your phone for longer, choose this option well before your battery's low.

2. Remove Animations:

It's the same rule as with a laptop - remove all the frills and it will thank you. Processing power improves and so does battery life, which is taken up by continuously keeping alive the "zoom" and "fade in, fade out" actions. Head over to Settings > General > Accessibility  and click "Reduce Motion".


3. Disable 3D Touch:

While Force Touch (or 3D Touch as it's officially called) is one of the key features of your iPhone, it isn't really essential to using the mobile. If you need to improve your battery life, switch it off when you don't need it and see how much longer your iPhone lasts!