The Galaxy A-Series is Samsung's more affordable range of smartphones, compared to the flagship S-series. Here we explain the key differences, aside from the lower price

Samsung's range of affordable devices has undergone a bit of a makeover in recent years, with the older J and M series phones being dropped in favour of an expanded fleet of A series phones. This newly expanded A-series includes everything from near S-series quality devices, the flagship range of Samsung phones, all the way to the truly budget models, like the Samsung Galaxy A10. Generally speaking the higher the number that comes after the A, the high end the phone, but exactly how high end does it go? Is the re-vamped A-series a worthy follower of the S-series, or are they just repacked J-series phones? Let's take a look.

The looks

One thing that you'll notice about the A series is that, unlike the Apple equivalent iPhone SE series, Samsung uses a very similar design for its highest end phones as its lower end phones. While the iPhone SE is based on the older iPhone 8, many of the A series look very similar to the Samsung S20, with a full screen display and screen-based fingerprint recognition system. This is a nice touch, because it means you can't easily tell the difference just by looking, though perhaps understandably you'll get a larger and higher performing display from the Galaxy A71, than you will from the A10. While at the A90 end of the spectrum the looks are nearly identical (and includes 5G), the design does change slightly as you reach the A71. Otherwise, the whole range isn't far off the same as its more expensive counterparts in the S series.

Under the hood

The real differences from the S series are found here, in the phones' performance, but it's also where you can find the best bargains amongst the A range if that's what you're after. At the higher end of the A-series, the A90, A80 and best-selling A71 models, you'll find a great deal of top-end Samsung technology for a great deal less money. These phones tend to be a hotch-potch of last generation hardware brought together into a next-generation case, which might be a problem if you demand the very latest mobile tech, but as with Apple's SE option, if you're looking for a high performance phone at a reasonable price it could be the perfect option.

The A90 boasts the Snapdragon 855 processor, a 2019 chip but still high end, as well as a triple camera and a sub-display fingerprint detector that are straight out of last generation's flagship phones. Similarly, the A80 packs a lot of these same features in, though without quite the same performance figures as its bigger brother. One of the best things about the newly expanded A series is that there's a phone for just about every price point, from the near-flagship A90 down to the truly budget A10, and plenty of in-between models that offer you options. If you're after a high quality camera and decent processor performance, go with the A71 (this is the best-selling A-series model at Chitter Chatter as of writing). If you're just after a storage and performance upgrade on an older A or J series phone, go for the A51 or A20e.

[caption id="attachment_3321" align="aligncenter" width="720"]Samsung Galaxy A71 The Samsung Galaxy A71 is the best-selling A series phone at Chitter Chatter[/caption]

The visuals

One of the A series' best performing areas is the display, where Samsung have been remarkably generous. Of all the A-series models only the very lowest, the A10, has anything other than a higher end AMOLED screen, and while the A90 has a Super AMOLED it means you won't feel short changed by lower end devices. They also have cameras that range from good to great, boasting the same triple camera layout that the S series devices do. However, the best options are actually found towards the lower end of the series in this case. Sure, you can get near-S series level quality from the A90 and A80, but in terms of overall value you can't beat the Galaxy A51 and A71. The camera performance is truly impressive, while the screen size and resolution are similar to the S series, but can be had for much less. Even better the designers made their cuts in all the right places, so the A51 and A71 manage decent performance with much less power usage, giving these phones some of the best battery performance in their class.

All in all, Samsung appear to have made a great move in their re-design of the A-series. Unlike other smartphone manufacturers whose budget models sometimes feel decidedly lower class, the A-series borrows enough styling and technology from near the top of the scale to feel like a gentle shift down for people who want good performance from their phone but for less cash.

And if you want a final recommendation, we'll narrow it down to these three - best lowest price budget Samsung, it's got to be the Samsung A20e.  Want mid to high end and as close to the S series without breaking your budget?  Go for the Samsung Galaxy A51 or A71.

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