No sooner have Sony unveiled their Xperia Z Ultra 'phablet' than leaks start to surface concerning the Samsung Galaxy Note III (a deliberate policy by Samsung to spike Sony's guns, perhaps?) which is scheduled to be launched sometime this Autumn. Some in the industry are anticipating that it will be a superbly powerful with a 2.3GHz processor, 3GB of RAM and will feature a 6-inch screen. We’re expecting the Note III to be launched at the beginning of September at a Samsung Press Conference,  We’ll bring you all the news and gossip and of course the all important specs as soon as we have them.

Talking of new phones, ahead of Nokia’s New York event on the 11th July, images and details of a possible new Nokia flagship Windows Phone are circulating on the web. With rumours that the new handset could be called the Lumia 909 and is likely to feature an impressive 41-megapixel rear camera, we are eagerly awaiting next week’s press event for some concrete news. Look out for updates on our blog over the next few weeks.

Samsung and Nokia may be looking at launching new phones but it looks like Apple believes  'wearable technology' is the future Proof of their intentions has been clearly demonstrated by the appointment of Paul Deneve who used to be the boss of fashion brand Yves Saint Laurent. Hired to work in ‘Special Projects’, Deneve is likely to head-up Apple’s push into wearables, bringing a liberal dose of fashion sense to Apple's unquestioned expertise in technology.

Good news for those of us who regularly travel overseas in the EU, new EU limits have just come in which ensure that the price of making and receiving calls and surfing the web when you’re away from home will be cheaper. Browsing charges will be reduced by about a third and call charges by a fifth so you can use your phone on your hols without needing to worry about a scary bill when you return home. But the limits only apply to the EU - we'd advise you to check the charges before using your phone in countries beyond Europe.

And finally, sounding like something from a Bond film, a bunch of technology researchers have built some contact lenses which can be zoomed in and out to help out those with failing eyesight. Currently they are using 3D glasses from a 3D TV to control the zoom, however the developers hope to create a lens which could comfortably fit the human eye in the future. Perhaps the technology will make it's way into smartphone cameras? Watch this space!