So the Note7 is officially being withdrawn from sale in the UK and those people that have already got there hands on one are being asked to return it by Samsung – a shame as it was a brilliant bit of kit, but customer safety comes first.

If you were holding out for the Note 7 and are now on the hunt for a new phone, here are the best alternatives...


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The S7 Edge is the best overall alternative. The reasons?  It has a really similar software experience and user-inteface which is pretty much identical in design  It also includes most of the features that made the Note 7 so great.  The Galaxy S7 Edge has the same glass and metal design and it's water resistant but it doesn't have the S-Pen stylus.  The 5.5" screen is a mere 0.02-inches smaller that the Note's 5.7" screen so the difference is hardly noticeable.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Another advantage to consider is the Galaxy S7 Edge uses a regular microUSB charging port, not the new Type-C port found on the Note 7.  This means most of your old cables, charges and accessories will work just perfectly with the S7 Edge.

It also costs less, over £100 less upfront on a 24-month EE 4G plan from Chitter Chatter.

Finally, the Galaxy S7 Edge has a big 3,600 mAh battery, compared to just 3,500 mAh in the Note 7.  This means you may get a better battery life from a phone that has a near identical experience to the Note 7.

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Samsung Galaxy S7
Samsung S7 black

An improvement over the S6 in almost every area, the Samsung Galaxy S7 remains one of the best smartphones you can buy.  With an upgraded camera and more processing power vs. the S6.  Battery life is also superior in many cases.  Plus a lot of Samsung customers will be wooed back to the Galaxy range by the return of storage expansion that was missing from the S6.  Plus it’s waterproof.  Plus it'll cost you less than the S7 Edge, Phone 6s Plus and 7 Plus.  If you're happy with the slightly smaller screen size, then the S7 makes a great Note 7 alternative and you’ll save a stack of cash too (which you can spend on that VR headset you wanted).

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iPhone 7 Plus

Android-fans look away now but if you're not a mega-passionate Google fan then Apple’s best ever phone is worth considering – especially with our latest deals.  It has the fastest innards of any smartphone out there along with a nice, big, bright 5.5” screen.  The screen resolution isn’t quite as high as the Note 7 but you're unlikely to even notice that in regular use (plus you can't get a Note 7 now!).

iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 Plus is also packs one of the best - if not the best - phone cameras in the world, alongside the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, producing super-sharp, clear shots in all lighting conditions.

Its front-facing camera also has a 2X zoom without any loss in quality or use its 10X zoom that uses some clever software tricks to product selfies that shine.

And if you want to save even more cash, the iPhone 6s Plus is also available and still an extremely powerful piece of kit with all the features of iOS10 included from the free software update.

Could this be the time to make a switch to Team Apple?

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