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It hasn't been long at all since Samsung's latest line of Galaxy models, the S20, the S20+, and the S20 Ultra were released around the world, to the delight of the legions of loyal Samsung Galaxy fans. Despite this, Samsung is already moving forward, thanks to the release of the new Samsung S20 Fan Edition, abbreviated for ease to the S20 FE.

So what is the S20 FE, how does it differ from the main S20 flagship range, and why on earth is it called the Fan Edition? You can learn the answer to these questions and more by reading on.

The FE name

The Samsung S20 Fan Edition gets its name thanks to the promise from Samsung that this is the model fans have been waiting for. Samsung credits it as being the "phone tailor-made for fans of all kinds," the "ultimate combination of S20 innovation." So, how exactly have they listened to their fans? Let's move on to the key features of the S20 FE to find out.

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S20 FE key features

There are some similarities between the main S20 range and the S20 FE. For instance, they both run off the same Snapdragon 865 processor, and only have .3 inch of a difference in screen size (it's bigger o the FE). However, the S20 FE does improve on a lot of areas - most notably of all, the front camera capability, a bigger battery, the range of colours available, and the price point.  To make its more affordable, the FE comes with less RAM than the main S20, but it's still 6GB, so plenty for most people.

Starting with colour availability, the S20 FE is available in a stunning range of colours. Lavender, orange, navy, red, white, and mint are the colours on offer; in particular, the pastel tones of the lavender, mint, and orange seem to be a hit with fans already.  Our money is on red and mint being the most popular choices at Chitter Chatter

Moving onto camera capability, the S20 FE makes an impressive jump from the 10MP offered by the S20 to a more than triple 32MP. This is certain to snap crystal clear photos time and time again, alongside the S20's iconic 30x Space Zoom feature.

One of the biggest temptations of the S20 FE, however, is its price. Despite excelling the S20 in many regards, the S20 FE actually rolls in around at a lower price than its predecessor. This is sure to be a hit with all fans, especially those looking for a more affordable version of the flagship Galaxy series.  It's also available in a 4G-only or 5G variant.

Pre-order bonuses

If you order the S20 FE before October 27th at Chitter Chatter, Samsung are also giving away the official pre-order bonuses of either a Galaxy Fit2 or a Xbox Games Pack and Controller. So as if the phone itself wasn't enough, you can have a snazzy new accessory or gaming bundle too!  And as it's Chitter Chatter, you get a free case and screen protector too.

The S20 FE is available to order now at Chitter Chatter on EE, Three and Vodafone. Got a question about the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE or any other phone, you can tweet us or message us on Facebook.

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