More colours, a bigger battery, a lower price, but what else?

Samsung's S20 series of phones has already been a great success with fans around the world, selling an estimated 32 million in 2020. The full product line up, which is comprised of the flagship S20 (4G and 5G versions), the S20+, and the S20 Ultra, has just got a whole lot bigger following the launch of the new S20 Fan Edition (FE), which is available now.

The Samsung S20 FE includes some of the most loved features from the S20, but what are the main differences between the S20 and the S20 FE?  Read on and we'll explain all.


One of the most appealing aspects of the S20 FE is its expanded range of colour choices. Whereas the standard S20 line comes in a choice of 4 colours (white, grey, pink, and blue), the S20 FE expands on that massively by coming in colour choices of white, navy, red, mint, orange, and lavender.  Which are the most popular at Chitter Chatter so far? Red and Mint.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition

Price point

Many fans wanting to dip into the S20 range without breaking the bank quite so much will be thrilled by the price point of the S20 FE. The S20 FE actually comes in at a lower price than the S20, which is great for those looking for a more affordable version of the Samsung flagship.


Despite coming in at a lower price than its predecessor, the S20 FE actually offers a slightly larger display than the S20. While the S20's display sits at 6.2 inches, the S20 FE's display is a slightly larger 6.5 inches. While this won't suit everyone (pocket sizes are a hot topic of debate, after all), this is bound to be pleasing for those that enjoy a larger screen to look at for videos and those late night Among Us gaming sessions.


RAM helps a phone run apps.  The more RAM, the more apps can be run at the same time and the faster switching apps can be,  One of the areas where the S20 FE falls short compared to the main model of the S20 series is its RAM. The RAM of the S20 FE is half of what the S20's is, coming in at 6GB versus 12GB.  However, it should be noted that 12GB is really at the top end of smartphones.  6GB is going to be plenty for most users - to give you an idea, the iPhone 11 has 4GB of RAM and that's at the upper end of Apple's range.


The two models come in even when it comes to their processors, however.


The silky-smooth 120Hz display from the S20 makes it way over to the S20 FE so scrolling through apps and playing games has never looked smoother.  It's definitely a standout feature.  The actual display itself on the S20 features sharp Quad HD resolution.  The S20 FE scales that back a bit with a Full HD+ 2400 x 1800 pixel display.

Front camera

Strangely, the front camera of the cheaper S20 FE boasts far more MPs (megapixels) than the S20. While the S20 has just 10MP (still an impressive number, nonetheless), the S20 FE offers users more than triple that number, with a whopping 32MP - your selfies will never have looked better.  The cut-out for the lens on the screen is also smaller on the FE.

Rear camera, Space Zoom and Night Mode

The camera round the back of the S20 FE packs in three lenses which produce some impressive results when shooting landscapes, objects and people.

  • 12MP ultra wide lens camera with F2.2 aperture, perfect for landscape photography
  • 12MP wide lens camera
  • 8MP telephoto lens camera, 3x optical zoom with no loss of quality

You're missing the 64MP lens found on the S20 so it'll depend on how serious you are about your photography.  12MP is going to be plenty for most people, but 64MP can make the difference is you plan on doing lots of editing or printing massive high-res copies of your photos.

Both phones feature Space Zoom which lets you zoom in on your subject 30x (you'll need a steady hand to capture that shot), plus Night Mode which uses some cool AI tech to combine 14-30 images into a single shot to product the best possible photography results in low light.  The sensor in the S20 and S20 FE is also 1.7 times larger than that found in the S10 so it can capture more light.


The battery for the S20 FE is slightly better than the main S20 model. It has 500 mAh more, with 4,500 mAh compared to 4,000 mAh from the S20.  Will that make a huge amount of difference? No, but it's good to know you've got that little bit of extra power.

When it comes to fast charging, the S20 has the edge here - it support 25W fast charging, compared to the 15W fast charging on the S20 FE.  If you want the fastest possible charging speed, then the S20 is the one for you.

Build and design

The S20 FE comes in a range of new colours, but to help reduce the cost of the device, the back of the phone uses polycarbonate (plastic) instead of glass.  It's still a solid feeling device though as Samsung have done an impressive job of wrapping the back around the sides of the phone.

Size and weight

Again undoubtedly a point of contention with some users, the S20 FE is larger than the S20. It comes in at a sizeable 6.29 x 2.93 x 0.33 inches compared to the S20's 5.9 x 3 x 0.31 inches, which in turn makes it a pound heavier than the S20. Overall, the S20 FE weighs 6.7 ounces compared to the 5.7 ounces of the S20.

So there you have it - a quick rundown of all the main features of the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE! Will you be buying it or will you be sticking to the main S20? Both the S20 FE and S20 are available to buy right here at Chitter Chatter.

Oh, and if you order before October 27th 2020 you can claim a free Samsung Galaxy Fit2 fitness tracker or an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscription.

The S20 FE is available to order now at Chitter Chatter on EE, Three and Vodafone. Got a question about the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE or any other phone, you can tweet us or message us on Facebook.

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