There are rumours that we could be seeing a Samsung Galaxy S6 Active on the cards soon. Images have appeared online (below) purporting to show the latest Active version of the S Series of Samsung smartphones. Here's what the speculation is so far.


With the redesign of Samsung's flagship smartphone from the plastic framed S5 to the glass and metallic frame of the S6, some of the features such as the dust and water resistancy, removable battery and MicroSD slot had to give. If the Galaxy S6 Active follows in the footsteps of its predecessor then we can expect all of those features to be back with some extra enhancements.

As its name suggests, the Active is designed to be robust and more rugged than the original Galaxy S smartphones and the option to have an Active version of the impressive S6 handset is going to be very appealing. The online images of the S6 Active show a similar design to the Galaxy S6 with physical buttons underneath the screen, speakers on the rear and a plastic case which looks like it has additional protection along the edges.

It's thought that the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active will also come with a 16-megapixel rear-facing camera, a 5.1-inch QHD screen, a similar processor to the S6 and 3GB of RAM. Reports suggest that the S6 Active will feature a bigger and more powerful battery than the S6 with a 3500mAh being touted. If the leaks are accurate then we could see three colour options for the S6 Active which are plain black, a blue camouflage design and a white camouflage design.

Samsung released the S5 Active just 3 months after the Galaxy S5 became available so we could well see an official announcement for the Galaxy S6 Active in the next few weeks.