If you're wanting a petite offering to slip into your handbag or pocket, the SIV handset may not be for you as it sports a whopping 5 inch screen. That being said, if you found the SIII manageable you'll find the SIV manageable too because Samsung have managed to increase the screen size without increasing the size of the device by reducing the size of the side bezels. In fact, it's ever so slightly narrower than its predecessor and slimmer too.

The screen is simply stunning - 1920 x 1080p resolution HD display and 441 pixels per inch creates super sharp text and vibrant colours. It's an excellent way to showcase the images you've shot with the 13 megapixel rear camera or even the 2 megapixel front-facing camera.  Quite a nifty feature is the Dual Camera shooting mode, which allows you to take a picture with the rear-facing and front facing cameras at the same time, placing the 2 pictures either side by side or as a picture within a picture.  We think it'll be great fun to capture something and then capture your reaction to that thing at the same time.

From a hardware perspective, the SIV handset is the first smartphone to feature an 8-core processor. That doesn't just promise lightening fast reactions to your commands but also should put less strain on the battery so that it lasts longer.

From an operating system perspective, the SIV is running Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean but comes packed with some rather useful extras from Samsung.

For example, there's SmartPause which means the phone will automatically pause content if you look away from it, starting it playing when you look back again (you'll never miss a second of a video or a favourite TV programme on your phone again!) SmartScroll allows you to scroll the screen with just a tilt of your hand (it works in conjunction with SmartPause so will only operate if you're looking at the screen.)

Two other nifty features include Air Gesture and Air View. In short, these features allow you to operate the touchscreen without touching it (!). Air Gesture allows you to swipe between pages and Air View lets you hover a finger a centimetre or two above the screen and be offered pop-up access to email content, text messages and contact information. All rather cool.

Colour-wise the new Samsung Galaxy SIV will come in 'white frost' and 'black mist' and we expect it to land in the UK sometime around the end of April.

You can pre-register for the Samsung Galaxy SIV with us here.