Is EE the right mobile network for you? We take a closer look at why EE may be your network of choice

Here in the UK we're a bit spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a mobile network. The big four; EE, O2, Three and Vodafone are there of course, but we have a choice of smaller 'virtual' mobile networks such as Tesco Mobile and Smarty, which run on the main operator's service.

It means it can often be a confusing decision when looking at switching networks, or indeed getting your first pay monthly phone. We've taken a look at EE here who are one of the biggest networks and were formed when the T-Mobile and Orange brands came together.

They were also the first UK network to launch 4G back in 2012, so they got a bit of a head start on rolling out coverage.

Let's check out why EE may be worth choosing as your mobile network if you're in the market for a new phone or thinking of switching networks.

EE has the UK's most reliable network, according to Rootmetrics

All network's run their own tests to see who is best, but Rootmetrics is a third-party company that benchmarks all the networks together.  EE have won the 'UK's Best Network' award from Rootmetrics for six years running, which means they topped the table for fastest and most reliable network overall.

Whether they maintain this position or not will be down to their continued investment into the network - Vodafone, Three and O2 are all hot on their heels for the next Rootmetrics survey. And of course, the battle for 5G supremacy has also just begun, with Vodafone first out the door with their plans although EE, O2 and Three also all now have 5G starting to roll out.

It's worth noting that network coverage is also dependent on where you live, so yes EE has the best coverage overall in the UK but do a coverage check before you buy to ensure it's the best network for where you work and play.

You get 6 months' free Apple Music

If you like music, this is a great freebie to bag when you sign up to EE. You get six months free of Apple's music streaming service, so that saves you around £60.  Even if you choose an Android phone rather than an iPhone, the offer is still available.

You just need to test the word MUSIC to 150 from your EE phone.

If you have Spotify Premium already, it's worth cancelling that, using your free Apple Music and then you can always reactivate your Spotify Premium account if you decide Apple Music's not for you.

You can gift data to your family members

This is pretty cool. If your family members' phones are also on your EE account, you can gift them data every month from your allowance. Say for example you get yourself a great deal with 30GB of data but you're only using 20GB each month, whilst you kids keep running out.  Just head into the My EE app on your phone and you can give them some of your data allowance.

If you have more that one phone in your household, this is well worth noting.

You may even find it can save you money by getting the kids or your partner a SIM or phone deal with a smaller data allowance to keep their monthly bill down but then top them up every month with some of your data allowance.

You get 3 months' free BT Sport

Football, WWE or basketball fan? Or any other sport in fact. Because EE is owned by BT, EE customers get three months' free access to BT Sport via the BT Sport app on their phone.  It's a great introduction to the sports service and you can cancel it after the free period is over if you decide it's not for you.

You can cap your bill

This feature is available from all mobile networks but it's still worth noting if you're joining EE. At the checkout, you'll be given the option to cap your bill. This basically means you can choose how much you want to restrict your usage outside of your monthly allowance. Adding a Spend Cap to your account restricts the amount you can spend on certain services like roaming or MMS so you can keep better control of your spending each month.

You use Spend Cap to restrict extra spending on standard UK and EU out of allowance calls, calling abroad, rest of the world roaming and access charges for premium calls and texts to some numbers. You can't however cap spend on add-ons such as data or call passes, BT Sport or Apple Music (if you have them).

If you get close to reaching your cap, EE will send you a text to let you know.

You can manage Spend Cap though My EE at any time and any changes you make take effect at the start of the next billing month.

You get free data when your family members sign up

Sign up the rest of the family to EE on your account and you get 1GB a month extra data for every person you add. Nice.

Swappable Benefits

EE have two different types of price plans; Standard plans and Smart plans. Standard plans including your standard data, minutes and texts bundles but Smart plans add an extra feature - Swappable Benefits.

There are six Swappable Benefits to choose from; Music, Video, Gaming, Roaming, BT Sport and Amazon Prime Video.

BT Sport and Amazon Prime Video are pretty self-explanatory - they give you access to those services on your phone. The Music, Video and Gaming Benefits mean those services don't eat into your data allowance - so if you add the Music Benefit, streaming Apple Music, Deezer or Spotify won't use your data.

The Video perk gives you unlimited data for Netflix, YouTube and BBC iPlayer and the Gaming one let's you use unlimited data for Pokemon Go!, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, FIFA and streaming on Twitch.

Finally, the Roam Further Pass lets you use your data, calls and text allowance when in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia or New Zealand. You can swap your Swappable Benefits whenever you want too, which is handy if you want to use the Video perk for your commute to work and then the Roaming perk when you head off on holiday.

Just make sure you give EE enough notice - you can manage your benefits within the My EE app on your phone.

Head to our online shop for the latest EE deals or give the team a call on 0208 185 7579 if you need help with any of the above.

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