Mix up the usual Christmas films with some new festive favourites

Most of us have a favourite Christmas film or two that we have to watch every Christmas without fail. A classic feel-good movie like It’s A Wonderful Life, a childhood, spine-tingling favourite like Gremlins or one of the newer releases like Elf or Arthur Christmas are all great reasons to put the fire on, grab a hot chocolate and get cozy.

Streaming goliath, Netflix are mixing it all up this year with not one..not two..but SIX sparkling new Christmas stories to get our chocolate-covered teeth stuck into. It is unlikely that all six of them are going to resonate but they are definitely worth having on in the background while you tuck into another cheese board in the run up to Christmas or write your cards (we all still write cards, yes?).

The Knight Before Christmas

So…let’s start with The Knight Before Christmas, mainly because it stars High School Musical favourite, Vanessa Hughens.  Vanessa stumbles across a time travelling medieval knight who, understandably, finds life in 2019 a little different from what he is used too. Luckily, as a teacher, she is able to help him to learn how to adjust and even gets a cheeky ride on his horse! The scenery is Christmassy to the max complete with snow, gingerbread and trees aplenty, so even if it’s an afternoon recovery film from the night before, it’s worth a watch.

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby

Moving swiftly onto the next one which taps into some people’s love of the Royals and the fact that there are a lot of babies for the Queen to buy for this year. These babies include the very high profile, half American; Archie, who is the Sussex’s first child who just happens to be a prince.  A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby is actually a sequel to The Christmas Prince which was released in 2017. It is about a woman that travels to another country and meets a Prince and they fall in love and have a baby. The country is not England, however, so don’t draw too many comparisons and the woman is a journalist not an actress.

A Christmas Prince




The next film on the agenda is Klaus which is an animated Christmas offering. It stars Jason Schwartzman (I Heart Huckabees, The Darjeeling Limited) and Rashida Jones (Toy Story 4) and tells the story of a postal worker stationed on a frozen island above Arctic Circle. It is a miserable existence until he meets a local teacher and discovers a mysterious carpenter who makes toys and lives in a cabin and is called Klaus.

Let It Snow

These new films are not all being released together so one that you can watch right now is Let it Snow which is based on the novel Let it Snow:Three Holiday Romances by Maureen Johnson, John Green, and Lauren Myracle. It is a standard American Christmas film which it is probably wall to wall cheese and cosiness which sounds just perfect.

Let It Snow

Holiday Rush and Holiday In The Wild

The other two are Holiday Rush which is released on November 28th and is all about a radio DJ reconnecting with his kids and Holiday In The Wild which stars Kristin Davis (Sex and the City) and a bunch of elephants in Africa.

Holiday Rush

There is literally something for everyone this festive season from Netflix whether you're streaming on your TV, mobile, tablet or laptop, so get ready to park yourself on the sofa and choose your new Christmas favourite.

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