amoledfoldAs advances in mobile phone technology continue to develop at an exciting pace, there seems to be no limit to what our smartphones may be able to do in the future. We take a look at some of the new features which are imminent as well as those which are predicted over the next few years.

Foldable Smartphones

We've already had curved smartphones with the Samsung Galaxy Round and the LG G Flex. It's thought that this year handsets with a bigger degree of 'bend' will be available and that next year we could see smartphones with fully bendable and foldable screens. Samsung have even gone as far as to say they are anticipating launching the first fully foldable screens in 2015. As batteries, components and the screen need to be able to fold, it's likely that the phones will be made from two panels of glass which will be fixed together enabling the handset to fold in half.

Dual-screen Smartphones

Russian phone-maker Yota have developed a dual-screen mobile phone which boasts a normal touchscreen display on the front and an E Ink screen on the rear which is always on. The Yotaphone has apparently gone on sale in some regions and Qualcomm have also demo-ed a dual-screen Mirasol smartphone which also featured an always-on 1.5-inch screen on the back. This concept is something we could see more of in the future.

Heartbeat powered Smartphones

A group of Chinese and US scientists have recently developed a tiny battery which can be implanted to power a pacemaker. As various organs in your body move throughout the day to keep you alive, the energy from organs including the heart, lungs and diaphragm is harnessed by the battery. The battery can then be used to power all types of gadgets including a smartphone as well as pacemakers. So far this technology has only been tested on cows but it's certainly an interesting concept and one to look out for in the future.

Smartphones with 5G

South Korea, home to the technology giant Samsung, has recently announced that it will be investing US$1.5 billion in order to develop a 5G network. Successor to 4G, 5G is expected to be one thousand times faster than a 4G network which means it will be possible to download a HD feature film in a matter of seconds. Samsung have apparently already performed 5G tests in May 2013 which recorded a 1GBps signal. South Korea hope to trial the 5G service in 2017 with other countries likely to follow suit in the next few years.