Windows_10_MobileIf you're a Windows user then you've no doubt already downloaded the new Windows 10 for your desktop/laptop. We have to wait a little bit longer for the Windows 10 for smartphones, known as Windows 10 Mobile, which is anticipated to be available in November. Here's the lowdown on what we can expect.

The concept of the overhaul of the new Windows 10 operating system is to enable Windows users to be able to use the same apps on whatever Windows device they have. So whether you have a laptop, desktop, tablet, XBox or smartphone you will have access to the same apps on each device. If you're working on a Microsoft document such as Word then you can pick up and work on the same document from any of these Windows gadgets. A developers edition of Windows 10 Mobile has been around for a little while so here is what we can expect from this exciting new operating system.

Like Windows 10 for desktop, the look and design of Windows 10 Mobile has had an overhaul with a new translucent style of background and a reorganisation of the Settings Menu which will display a similar layout to the desktop version. We can also expect to see some handy new settings on the Quick Settings menu. To enable you to find new apps installed on your Windows 10 compatible smartphone quickly, they will be stored in the new 'Download Tank' so you are always able to find them. All Windows 10 devices will now be interconnectable with the same apps found on each piece of kit and they can be synched with documents stored in cloud so you can access and update them from any Windows device.

Microsoft will be phasing out their Internet Explorer internet browser, their new and improved browser is called Microsoft Edge. Edge will be faster, more efficient and you will now be able to write or type your very own notes onto web pages. These customised web pages can be shared and there's also a new Reading View function which declutters the page so you can focus on reading the content. Microsoft Edge will also feature the Window's virtual digital assistant Cortana for voice-activated requests.

Another new and revolutionary addition to the Windows 10 Mobile operating system is Continuum. In a nutshell, Continuum allows you to transform your Windows smartphone into effectively a mini PC as you can hook up a monitor, keyboard and mouse to your mobile phone. Thanks to the universal apps which will be accessible from any Windows 10 device, this means you could carry on with your work on your Windows phone without necessarily having to take your laptop with you.

Recent reports suggest that Windows 10 Mobile will be ready to download in November this year. Microsoft have announced that ten of their Lumia smartphones will be amongst the first mobile phones to use the new Windows 10 Mobile, the list of mobiles includes the Lumia 430, 535, 640 and the 830 and 930.

We'll keep you up to date on any new Windows 10 Mobile news over the next few months.