8 out of 10 pet owners say that their pets like music and even have favourite songs

Music streaming giant Spotify ran a survey with 5,000 of their pet owning customers from the UK, US, Australia, Spain and Italy and discovered that 71% played music just for their animal friends! On the back of this research they have created a unique experience to allow you to create the ultimate algorithmically-generated music playlist for you and your pet to enjoy together, or whilst you're out at work.

And this groovy pet pastime is not exclusive to just dogs and cats - you can also create a playlist for your iguana, hamster or bird!

I guess there is no point doing one for your goat or horse as they tend to live outside and simply won’t benefit unless you've got an outdoor music system set up.

It is very reassuring to read that, according to their survey, 70% of pet owners consider the emotional wellness of their pets. And whether or not you know for sure whether your hamster is an 80's goth or a pop princess isn’t entirely necessary, as half the fun is clearly making the playlist for them (and you) anyway! You guys love hanging out so why not give your time together a soundtrack?

So how does it work?

Step 1: Pick your pet

Choose from dog, cat, iguana, hamster or bird.

Step 2: Tell them more about your pet’s personality.

Relaxed? Energetic? Shy? This will help choose the vibe for the playlist.

Step 3: Add a name and a photo

This is already getting highly amusing. The photo will go on the animal’s 'share card' so make sure it shows their best side.

Sadly, it will also be a painful reminder when they one day depart and you are moping around the house listening to ‘All By Myself’ from Gerrard the iguana’s playlist. Oh how he loved a bit of Celine on a Tuesday…

Step 4: Listen and share your creation

When it is finished, you can get your pets opinion on it by playing it right away or even share it with your friends (and theirs) on social with #SpotifyPets

Spotify playlist for pets

Some other interesting discoveries from the animal-themed research were that:

  • 53% of pet owners said they would pick their pet over their partner!
  • 84% say that their pet ‘completed their life’
  • 55% think that their pet likes the same music as them
  • 69% of owners to sing with their pet
  • 57% owners dance with their pet

To create your pet's playlist, just head to https://pets.byspotify.com/.

Made a playlist for your pet? We want to hear it! Tag @chitterchatuk on Twitter.

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