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  1. EE switches on 5G service in 13 new UK locations

    The big 5G rollout continues across the UK. Is your town on the list? UK mobile network operator EE has now confirmed that its all-new 5G ultrafast network has been switched on in 13 more cities and towns throughout the United Kingdom. The newly added locations benefiting from EE 5G include Cannock, Burton-upon Trent, Halifax, Grimsby, Ipswich, Middlesbrough, Portishead, Neath...
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  2. Three is Now Available at Chitter Chatter

    A new network now available at Chitter Chatter, giving our customers even more choice and value when choosing their new mobile phone At Chitter Chatter, we have a simple mission - help our customers stay connected to what's important to them by offering the best value mobile deals and customer service in the UK.  It's been our mission for the...
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  3. EE make all pay monthly mobile plans '5G ready' and introduce Reserve Data

    5G comes down in price as EE now include it as standard on all their pay monthly mobile plans EE has announced that from May 27th 2020, all its new pay monthly mobile plans are ready for 5G, while also introducing a new Reserve Data feature which will allow customers to stay connected, even if their high-speed allowance is used...
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  4. EE switches on 5G in six more cities across the UK

    Six more UK cities now have 5G from EE with 20 more locations being targeted by March 2020 Hull, Leeds, Newcastle, Nottingham, Sheffield and Sunderland have all had 5G switched on by EE which means it is now live in 50 cities and large towns - more places than any other operator. EE kicked off it's 5G rollout back in...
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  5. This Week's Tech and Mobile News: Tamagotchi, Augmented Reality and 5G

    Let's take a look at what has been happening this week in the world of technology. First up, Tamagotchis are back! Remember the popular button-pushing toys from the 90s where you had to keep the tiny pixellated creatures alive? Bandai Namco are releasing a new mobile game called My Tamagotchi Forever. It is an enhanced version of the original toy...
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  6. This Week's Chitter Chatter - Underground Payments on EE, 5G Coming to London and Wiping Your Drunken Texts

    Let's start with the great news that if you're an EE customer (and many Chitter Chatter customers are) and you have a NFC compatible phone then very soon you'll be able to make contactless payments using your mobile phone on the London Underground as well as the rest of the London rail network. The new service will start from September...
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  7. This Week's Chitter Chatter - Flappy Bird, the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime and 5G

    Great news this week if you're a fan of that addictive (and frankly, a bit irritating) Flappy Bird game - the Flappy Bird app is set to return in August! That's 6 months after its creator, Dong Nguyen, withdrew it because he was rather overwhelmed with all the attention that 50 million downloads had resulted in. The new and improved...
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  8. Smartphones of the Future...

    As advances in mobile phone technology continue to develop at an exciting pace, there seems to be no limit to what our smartphones may be able to do in the future. We take a look at some of the new features which are imminent as well as those which are predicted over the next few years. Foldable Smartphones We've already...
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