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Amazon Cloud Player

  1. This Week’s Chitter Chatter – the ‘budget’ iPhone, new handsets from Huawei, Blackberry 10 devices and Amazon’s AutoRip Service

    Rumour has it that the new, cheaper and so called ‘budget’ iPhone, which is apparently under development ,would cost well under £100. Sources claim that this particular project has been in the pipeline for almost 2 years now as Apple seek to increase sales in countries with emerging smartphone markets such as China. It would also enable Apple to compete...
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  2. Cloud Music Players – Why Do You Need Them and Which One Should You Use?

    This week, Amazon launched their Cloud Player in the UK. What precisely is a ‘Cloud Player’?  Well it’s an alternative way to store your music collection. Rather than getting your PC or Mac all clogged up with tracks, you upload them all to Amazons ‘Cloud’ – that is, Amazon stores them for you. Not only does it free quite a...
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  3. This Week’s Chitter Chatter – iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy SIV, Amazon Cloud Player and iPad Mini

    Did Apple’s iPhone 5 disappoint? Well, it might have disappointed some journalists but it certainly hasn’t disappointed the smartphone buying public – it’s literally flying off the shelves. Although nobody’s going to get their hands on one until later this month, it has been available for pre-order from Apple and those pre-order stocks sold out within 24 hours. That’s 2...
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