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  1. Children Can Now Be Safer Online Using This Mobile Phone App

    Chitter Chatter have teamed up with cyber-safety company SafeToNet to help keep children safer when using mobile phones App available free-for-life to UK parents if they register by September 15th For over 25 years, we've been helping families stay connected.  As mobile phones have advanced in technology and features, our goal has always remained the same - help people stay...
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  2. 8 Top Apps For Learning New Skills

    You’re already using mindfulness and yoga apps to stay calm and you’re all Netflix-ed and podcast-ed out. So, how else can you stay entertained? What about a new hobby or learning a new skill? These apps for iPhone and Android can help. SuperCook This is a great app if you want to use this time at home to improve your...
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  3. Handy Video Messaging Apps For Staying Connected With Family

    Connect with loved ones in self isolation with these video messaging apps With more and more of us beginning to self-isolate during this coronavirus pandemic, many people will feel cut off from loved ones.  There are particular concerns about older people who are being advised to avoid social contact for a considerable period of time. But if you can’t visit...
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  4. Grab These Two Brilliant iPhone Games While They're Free

    Two of our favourite ever iPhone games are currently available for free If you're looking for some extra entertainment whilst at home outside of Netflix or your latest book, some free games may just be the answer. The brilliant Alto's Odyssey and Alto's Adventure are now available for iOS in the Apps Store for free for a limited time. Both...
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  5. Spotify Will Now Create a Music Playlist For Your Pet

    8 out of 10 pet owners say that their pets like music and even have favourite songs Music streaming giant Spotify ran a survey with 5,000 of their pet owning customers from the UK, US, Australia, Spain and Italy and discovered that 71% played music just for their animal friends! On the back of this research they have created a...
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  6. Can you learn a language on your smartphone?

    Planning your holiday abroad for this year? Learn the language too. We carry our smartphones with us everywhere. Whether we’re on a long commute on public transport or standing in a queue, sitting in the doctors waiting room or simply sitting at home, our phones are never far from our grasp, so it goes without saying that most smartphone users...
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  7. The 5 best wellness apps to step up your self-care in 2020

    Take care of yourself with the help of your phone With 2019 drawing to a close, 2020 is just around the corner, and it's time to think about those new year resolutions. Many of us resolve to improve our health and wellbeing at the start of each year - and while smartphones sometimes get a bad wrap when it comes...
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  8. Parent Taxi app charges your kids in chores every time you give them a lift

    The 'Taxi Of Mum And Dad' just got very interesting with this new smartphone app Parents in Britain spend around £12,565 per year driving their kids around using average London taxi rates. This is the equivalent of around 1,648 miles which let’s face is a lot! That's on top of food, an allowance, use all the household facilities. Introducing Skoda’s...
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  9. 5 Apps To Fuel Your Creativity

    Inspired by the Apple Pencil and the sketches made at the recent #AppleEvent, we decided to list some of our favourite apps for bringing out the artist in you. Whether you are on an Android or iPhone, you can use these apps - you don't need a stylus. And if the mobile screen's too small for you, don't fret - we sell tablets...
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  10. A Guide To Moving from Android to iOS9

    If you have a Samsung, HTC, LG or other Android OS-based mobile and have bought a new iPhone, Apple has just made the transition smoother with a new app called "Move to iOS". It has also, quite expectedly, sparked a battle amongst the two factions - Android lovers and Apple fanboys - check out the comments on the app's presence on the Google...
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  11. Are you Flipagramming Yet?

    You've heard of Instagram but how many of you are Flipagramming as yet? Flipagram is a relatively new app which has been gaining popularity recently with more than 30 million users and some well known celebrity fans which include 1D, Britney Spears and Madonna. So what is Flipagram? Essentially Flipagram is an app which lets you create your own videos from...
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