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Google X Phone

  1. This Week's Chitter Chatter – the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Motorola X Phone, rumours of a phone from Microsoft and how your Facebook likes reveal your true personality.

    Successor to the Galaxy Note 2 'phablet', we’re hearing lots of interesting rumours surrounding the Note 3. Expected to launch in the third quarter of 2013, the Note 3 could feature a self-luminating OLED display (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) which would mean super-quick touchscreen responses and an incredibly sharp screen. Other snippets we’re picking up is that the screen could be...
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  2. This Week's Chitter Chatter - the iPad 5, iPhone 5S, an indestructible phone from Samsung and an unbreakable phone from Google

    Apple is in the news again this week (when aren't they?) as speculation starts to circulate about possible design and spec details for the next version of the iPad, the iPad 5. Depending on what you read, some reports reckon that it will be available in the next few months whereas others believe it is likely to be released in...
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  3. This Week's Chitter Chatter - the Amazon Phone, an iPhone 'for the masses' and the Mysterious Motorola Google X

    The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is almost upon us, an event which often sees big announcements from the major mobile phone manufacturers, so the rumour mill is rife as to what next week may bring. At the moment there's plenty of buzz about a possible new top-end phone from HTC - the M7. Reports suggest the device...
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