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iPhone 6

  1. This Week's Chitter Chatter - Apple Pay, New Sony Phones, How Your Smartphone Can Spot When You're Bored

      M-Payment Good news to start this week - at the beginning of this month the limit for buying goods and services using contactless payments including Apple Pay was increased from £20 to £30. This means that you can use your new iPhone or Apple Watch to pay for more things. The reasoning behind the new £30 limit is that...
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  2. Does Your Smartphone Charge the Fastest?

    Battery life and smartphone charging are always a hot topic of conversation when smartphones are compared. Tom's Guide decided to do their own testing to see how some of the most popular and not so well-known smartphones measured up when it came down to how quickly they charged up. The results make some interesting reading. A selection of six smartphones...
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  3. Quadcore vs. Octocore Smartphone Processors - What's the Difference?

    Thinking of upgrading from a phone which has a Quadcore processor to one that has an Octocore?  Want to know what the difference is (other than the name)? Then this article is for you. There's been a recent trend of using Octacore processors in smartphones, particularly in premium smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the HTC One M9...
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  4. All You Need to Know About Apple Pay

    It won't be long until you can use your Apple device to pay for stuff as Apple Pay is heading to the UK in July. Apple Pay will be available to iPhone 6, 6 Plus and Apple Watch users. Here's all you need to know. The Apple Pay system will work in a similar way to the contactless card payments we are already...
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  5. What's New with iOS 9?

    One of the main announcements to come out of Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference this week was the latest updates to Apple's operating system which will be known as iOS9. So what's new? Read on to find out: Apple Pay Coming to the UK in July will be Apple's new contactless mobile payment service Apple Pay. Using similar technology to existing...
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  6. 10 Things You Didn't Realise You Could Ask Siri

    Are you using your iPhone's virtual assistant, Siri? If not, then these ideas might inspire you to start. If you are, then you'll no doubt read about some ways you could be using Siri more. Enjoy! 1. Post on Social Media You can ask Siri to update your social media status for you. At the moment, this only works for Twitter...
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  7. The iPhone 6C - Will They or Won't They?

    Apple's most recent iPhones, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, saw an increase in the size of the displays from their traditional 4-inch screen. However it would appear that the 4-inch iPhone is still proving to be popular as sales of the iPhone 5 and 5S continue to be strong. Industry analyst think this popularity is not just down to...
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  8. How to Supercharge Your iPhone 6 in 5 Minutes

    The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have bigger batteries than their predecessors, but we're sure you'll still find this video and how to charge your iPhone in superquick time rather useful.
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  9. This Week's CC - iPhone 6 , 2 Minute Battery Charging and the Sony Xperia Z4

    There have been rumours circulating for a while that Apple are working on a new 4-inch iPhone.  However several sources have discounted the speculation so it looks like the larger iPhone models are here to stay. However, a patent has recently been awarded to Apple concerning the making of a foldable smartphone and there are also reports that Apple have...
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  10. This Week's Chitter Chatter - 4-inch iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6 and Sony Xperia Z4

    Exciting news for fans of the 4-inch iPhones (i.e. iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C) as there are rumours that Apple are working on a new version of the iPhone 6 with a 4-inch screen. There's been speculation for a while that Apple will soon be discontinuing their budget iPhone 5C but there's no word on whether a 4-inch iPhone...
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  11. 5 Gift Ideas for the iPhone Lover in Your Life

    iPhone fans are a dedicated bunch and with only a few weeks until Christmas, we've been busy tracking down some great iPhone accessories to impress your nearest and dearest. Here are 5 of our favourite present ideas to make the iPhone 6 even more irresistible. JBL Charge Bluetooth Wireless Speaker (£69) A great device which cleverly offers a portable speaker...
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  12. This Week's Chitter Chatter - Disappearing Sapphire Screens, the HTC Desire 620 and MC Siri

    Ever wondered what happen to the sapphire screens on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus? Apparently, it didn't happen due to issues with producing sapphire glass in the quantities needed in time for the launch. However, Apple have apparently not ruled it out for future iPhones. It's rumoured that Apple have been in talks with Foxconn and that sapphire glass...
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