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Samsung Galaxy S5

  1. How Does the Samsung Galaxy S6 Really Compare to the S5?

    Earlier this month, Samsung launched their newest flagship smartphone the Galaxy S6. With Apple's latest iPhone 6 flying off the shelves, Samsung promised to overhaul their premium smartphone and the S6 doesn't disappoint. If you're an S5 owner and looking to upgrade, here's how the S6 really compares to its predecessor. First up is the design and the S5 sported a...
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  2. Comparing the Samsung Galaxy S6 with the S5

    We're expecting Samsung to unveil their latest smartphone in a few weeks time, and they're expected to really up their game with the Galaxy S6. According to rumours Samsung have gone for a total revamp with many reports claiming that they've gone back to the drawing board'. If you're a Galaxy S5 owner looking to upgrade, here's how the S5 and...
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  3. How to Choose Between the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Galaxy Alpha

    Samsung are on a roll the release of a steady stream of impressive smartphones. The Galaxy Alpha is one of their latest premium mobile phones to be launched and will certainly appeal to loyal and new fans of Samsung smartphones. Samsung, of course, unveiled their flagship handset the Galaxy S5 earlier this year and there are some similarities between the...
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  4. Who Wants to Win a Free Otterbox case for their iPhone 5, 5S or Samsung S5?

    It only takes one butter-fingered moment and there your shiny new phone is, lying on the floor with a shattered screen. If you want to save yourself that heartache and hassle, why not enter our competition to win a free Otterbox Commuter case for your iPhone 5, iPhone 5S or Samsung Galaxy S5 (see below).   Slipping your phone into...
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  5. This Week's Chitter Chatter - iPhone 6 rumours, LG G3 specs & Samsung Galaxy S5 Baby Monitor

    Not a week goes by without a LOT of speculation, rumours and gossip surrounding the much anticipated iPhone 6. One feature of the new Apple smartphone which has gained a lot of press in recent weeks is the iPhone 6's screen. It's looking very likely that Apple's new flagship phone will be sporting an ultra-tough sapphire screen. There have been...
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  6. This Week's Chitter Chatter - All-New HTC One and More Versions of the Samsung Galaxy S5 on the Way

    Yet more rumours have emerged concerning the forthcoming launch of HTC's new smartphone which is now expected to be called the All-New HTC One rather than the HTC One Two as was previously suggested. The All-New HTC One is likely to launch sometime in March and it's thought to come with some great new features such as dual rear-facing cameras...
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  7. The Brand New Samsung Galaxy S5 - First Impressions

    The Samsung Galaxy S5 has finally arrived and was unveiled this week at a packed Samsung event at the 2014 Mobile World Congress. A lot of the speculation and rumours which we've reported on over the last few weeks and months turned out to be pretty accurate. The S5 is absolutely bursting with great features and specs so here's what...
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  8. This Week's Chitter Chatter - Samsung Galaxy S5, a new Phone from Blackberry and to Roam or Not to Roam

    We're very excited here at Chitter Chatter as there's not long to go until we can get our mitts on the new Samsung Galaxy S5. There's been endless speculation on what features the S5 will offer with the latest leaks all but confirming what we think Samsung will unveil when they launch their newest flagship smartphone. So it looks like...
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  9. This Week's Chitter Chatter - the iPhone 6, a Windows Phone from Samsung & Dangerous Things We Do with Our Phones

    Despite the iPhone 6 still being a several months away from launch, rumours continue to circulate regarding the new features which are likely to wow us. Reports this week suggest that the main rear-facing camera on the iPhone 6 could be a much better camera than has been indicated so far. In fact, the iPhone 6 could now come with...
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  10. The BIG Smartphone Annoucements Expected at this Year's Mobile World Congress

    The annual Mobile World Congress (MWC) takes place in Barcelona at the end of this month (24th to 27th February). MWC is always eagerly anticipated as many mobile phone manufacturers will choose the event to unveil or launch their latest smartphones . So who's expected to do what at this year's event? Samsung are likely to use MWC to take...
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  11. This Week's Chitter Chatter - iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Red Google Nexus 5 rumours.

    Good news for those iPhone users who's phone tends to get the odd knock - it's rumoured that the iPhone 6 could feature a screen which will be 'virtually unbreakable'. It's thought that Apple are about to start manufacturing mobile phone screens in sapphire glass at their factory in Arizona. Currently Apple uses sapphire glass to cover the Touch ID...
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  12. This Week's Chitter Chatter - the iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumours and Nokia's Solar-Powered Phone

    The rumours are coming in thick and fast concerning Apple's expected new handset, the iPhone 6. The smart money's on a 4.8-inch screen with a resolution of 1600 x 900. It's thought the new handset will support much faster wifi connections and that Apple are working on their latest operating system iOS8 which could see some significant changes compared to...
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