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Samsung Galaxy SIV

  1. Samsung Galaxy SIV - Our Review

    If you're wanting a petite offering to slip into your handbag or pocket, the SIV handset may not be for you as it sports a whopping 5 inch screen. That being said, if you found the SIII manageable you'll find the SIV manageable too because Samsung have managed to increase the screen size without increasing the size of the device...
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  2. The Samsung Galaxy SIV - What to Expect

    The launch date for Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is almost upon us, the most eagerly anticipated smartphone launch for 2013 so far, the S4 will be unveiled next week in New York. The hype is building and rumours are coming in fast and furious, so this is what we are expecting from Samsung’s new super-smartphone. Starting with the look of the...
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  3. This Weeks Chitter Chatter - the Fastest Smartphone on the Market and the Phone Battery that Lasts 35 Days

    Well, Mobile World Congress in Barcelona has just come to a close for another year and although this year's event hasn't seen any 'blockbuster' announcements from the big mobile phone manufacturers, there is  plenty of news to share. For example, Huawei announced a range of new handsets, including the waterproof, dustproof and impact proof Huawei Ascend G350 and the 4.5...
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  4. The Week's Chitter Chatter - New Handsets from Samsung, the HTC One and the £7,000 Smartphone

    The rumour mill has been so rife with Apple device speculation this week - regarding the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and even the launch of a new iWatch - that we've had to cover that in a separate article. But there's plenty of other speculation to fill this week's chitter chatter. For example, there could be as many as 3...
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  5. Smartphone and iPad Gifts for 2013

    Only 1 day to go until Christmas and its likely that all your Christmas presents are bought, wrapped and under the tree. But you've got a birthday and another Christmas coming up in 2013.  Is it too early to put together you lists for those? Perhaps, but for those of you that would like to pencil a few things in...
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  6. This Week's Chitter Chatter - the iPhone 5S, Samsung Galaxy SIV and Blackberry 10

    We’ve heard a few rumours that Apple will be embracing colour when they are expected to release the iPhone 5S in the summer of 2013 with similar shades available to the current colour choices for the iPod touch. Other enhancements likely to be featured include NFC technology (near field communication) which can be used for contact-less payments and a better...
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  7. The Samsung Galaxy SIV, the iPhone 6 and Bendy Phones: Our Predictions for 2013

    The iPhone 5, no less than 3 new iPads (3, 4 and Mini), Windows 8 Phones and a new 4G network - 2012 has certainly been a busy year for the mobile industry. But there's much more exciting stuff to come in 2013. We've spent a bit of time gazing into our crystal ball and come up with these predictions...
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  8. This Week’s Chitter Chatter – iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy SIV, Amazon Cloud Player and iPad Mini

    Did Apple’s iPhone 5 disappoint? Well, it might have disappointed some journalists but it certainly hasn’t disappointed the smartphone buying public – it’s literally flying off the shelves. Although nobody’s going to get their hands on one until later this month, it has been available for pre-order from Apple and those pre-order stocks sold out within 24 hours. That’s 2...
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