Christmas is over and money is tight but a shiny new app for your smartphone isn't going to break the bank. Here are the best iOS and Android apps, in our humble opinion, released in the last month.


PitcheroA great little app which links up the innovative network of Pitchero local sports and team websites to your iPhone.  Sync your phone to your club’s website for access to the latest team news, photos, videos and match reports. Keep an eye on rival clubs in your network and check out the latest team selections. You can also message players, parents or coaches in your network and let them know if you’re available to play in forthcoming matches.

Available as an iPhone app.

Five Little Monkeys Play Hide & Seek

Keep your little monkeys entertained with this fun app based on a book where the five naughty monkeys try to avoid going to bed by concocting various games. Lots to keep your youngsters occupied including counting games, word recognition and some rhymes to learn.

Available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Temple Run 2

If you’re hooked on the original version of Temple Run, the mega-popular (170 million downloads and counting) eternal running/jumping game, you will undoubtedly be eager to get your hands on Temple Run 2. New features include better graphics, pop-up scenery, a chase through a mine on top of a cart and the opportunity to earn or buy ‘gems’ which you can use to restart from where you last became a cropper. All in all, a very good successor to the original.

Available for iPhone and Android.

Herd Absurd!

Another app for little ones based on games and books where you mix and match different parts of the body to create some interesting and funny combinations. This app, as the name suggests, is based on animals so they can have a giggle putting together some interesting new species with the selection of heads, bodies and legs to choose from.

Available for iPhone and iPad.

Amazing Alex Free

Amazing_Alex_FreeFrom the makers of Angry Birds, this new app is a simpler version of the original but still packed with plenty of puzzles to keep you second guessing. Ideal for all the family, you progress in levels as you solve the puzzles which of course get harder as you go along. Great for some mental stimulation and to keep the creative thoughts flowing.

Available for Android and iPhone.


Rather appropriate given the arctic conditions of late, this rather stylish app not only gives you the weather forecast in your area but also lets you check forecasts in the future for locations all over the world. Check out the interesting widgets and get planning your next holiday.

Available for Android and iPhone.


A fantastic music app for unearthing tracks from up and coming artists. DeezCovr will recommend musicians and songs based on your preferences which you can then save to a playlist in your account.

Available for Android.

Sundance Film Festival 2013

If you’re a bit of a movie buff, this official event keeps you updated on this famous festival which is held this month in Utah. As well as containing everything you could possible need to know about the festival, you can also watch film trailers and keep tabs on what is being screened when.

Available for Android and iPhone.

Lode Runner Classic

Lode_Runner_ClassicIf you remember the classic stick-man game Lode Runner from the 1980’s, this retro-style game is back complete with all 150 levels to tackle. Guide your hero stick-man to collect the gold bars whilst evading the guards who are hell-bent on catching him. Hours of fun and no doubt the kids will love it too.

Available for Android and iPhone.

Never Be Bored UK

A brilliant app for those who like to explore our shores or do a lot of travelling for leisure or on business. Never Be Bored is like your own pocket guide to the towns and cities you’re visiting and is packed with information on hotels, B&Bs, restaurants, bars, nights out and tourist attractions. Your own personal recommendations are very welcome as its developers look to build up the database of information it features.

Available for Android.