This year's Consumer Electronics Show saw the debut of all sorts of amazing gadgets and technology. Here are 5 of our favourite new and cool accessories for smartphones.


WattupForget cables and docking stations for charging up your smartphone. WattUp works by transmitting power over RF waves to your smartphone when it's inserted in a special case. Just plug in the power router, pop your phone into the case and your smartphone needs to be within 3 metres of the router for it to charge. Even better it charges in a matter of minutes and then your phone is up and running again. WattUp is expected to be available to buy later this year.

Reach79 iPhone 6 case

Reach79This fantastic sounding case which has been designed so far for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus enhances the performance of the smartphone inside it. The Reach79 case comes with its very own built-in gold antenna which boosts the signal strength of your iPhone 6 improving the phone reception and transmission and therefore enabling the Apple smartphone to work more efficiently. It has the capability to double a phone's signal strength therefore improving web browsing, music streaming and of course call quality. It also protects the iPhone inside thanks to a tough yet lightweight rubber design. Reach79 is available now and costs around £40.


PetCubeWant to keep an eye on your pets when you're out for the day or speak to them to reassure them then Petcube is a great gadget which allows you to do this and more. It works using an app on your smartphone or tablet and you can live-stream video from the Petcube positioned in your house. The wide-angle camera can pretty much cover an entire room and there's a built-in laser which means you can play with your cat and get them chasing the light around the room. You can also talk to them as there's a speaker in the cube as well.


pacifi-overviewPacif-i is a clever smart device for parents of little ones to keep a track of their temperature and any medication they may be on. Really handy for poorly children or a child with an on-going illness or condition as the Pacif-i transmits temperature data to an app which is available for Androids or iPhones. You can also use it to keep tabs on medication doses and timings and it has its own built-in tracker which means you shouldn't be able to lose it. It's available now for around £25.

TrackR Bravo

TrackRbravo_Spinning_3If you keep losing things or putting things down and they mysteriously get moved by little people in your house then TrackRBravo could be a good investment. Costing around £20, the small device can be attached to anything you lose frequently such as your car keys, your wallet or even your dog or cat. The tracking gadget connects to your smartphone via an Android or iOS app so you can keep tabs on your precious things at all times.