minecraftIt’s that time of year when we look back and review what apps have proved to be popular over the last 12 months. iTunes have just released details of their top app downloads for 2013,  s0 here are the Top 5 ‘paid-for’ iPhone Apps for this year.


1. Minecraft – Pocket Edition (£4.99)

In at number 1 is the pocket edition of Minecraft, the addictive block building adventure game. Released just over 2 years ago it also tops the chart at number one in the ‘paid-for’ iPad Apps Chart. With over 10 million paid-for iTunes downloads and recording impressive Android download figures to boot, Minecraft has generated almost £60 million of revenue for its creators. Minecraft has also proved to be massively popular for the Xbox, for desktop PCs and laptops and will be available for PlayStation 4.

2. Angry Birds Star Wars (£0.69)

Pipped into second place is Angry Birds Star Wars. Part of the hugely successful Angry Birds brand, Rovio have just released a new version (1.5.0) which features thirty new levels and the opportunity to unmask ‘Lard Vader’ for an epic finale. The 30 new levels include 15 levels in Space and 15 levels in the Death Star for the ultimate and biggest Angry Birds Star Wars battle.

3. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock (£1.49)

Topping the paid app charts in countries all over the world and in number 3 spot in the UK is the Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock app. Assuming you don’t have kids or pets to wake you up at the crack of dawn, this clever app is essentially an ‘intelligent alarm clock’. What it does is to analyse your sleep habits and then it will wake you up when you’re in your lightest sleep phase. The idea behind it is that you will then wake up feeling refreshed and rested rather than groggily dragging yourself out of bed.

4. Temple Run: Oz (£1.49)

Temple Run Oz has experienced impressive download figures since its release earlier this year. Created by Disney alongside Imangi Studios, Temple Run Oz takes the best bits from Temple Run 2 and combines them with the settings and adventures from the film Oz the Great and Powerful (the recent prequel to The Wizard of Oz).

5. The Chase (£1.49)

The official app for the ITV game show of the same name is number 5 in the paid-for iPhone App Charts. This fun multiplayer game (up to 4 players can play using one device) sees you pitting your general knowledge to generate cash before you’re allowed enter into a battle of brainpower with the super intelligent ‘The Chaser’. See if you can outwit The Chaser to win the prize money and if you can came out top in ‘The Final Chase’.