Earlier this year, Apple announced that they had topped over 50 billion downloads for iPhone Apps - pretty impressive considering that’s over a period of less than 5 years. We thought it would be fun to look at the top 10 all-time free ones - so here we go...

No.1 = Facebook

This one hardly needs any introduction. Facebook is one of the iPhone’s all-time most popular downloaded apps and it pretty much revolutionised social media as we know it. Connect with your friends and family, find long lost friends and school mates and keep up to date with your favourite companies and brands. Handy for sharing your thoughts, what you’re up to and of course your photos and videos.

No. 2 = Instagram

If you haven’t downloaded this already, it may be worth considering. Beautify your photos with Instagrams built in filters whether you’re after a retro feel, different light effects or just want your pictures to ooze quality.

No.3 = You Tube

Another massively popular free iPhone app. Stream the millions of YouTube clips on your iPhone including clips from TV shows, your favourite bands, comedians, politicians, friends and a whole lot more. You can also upload your own videos to share with friends and the world.

No.4 = Skype

Great for keeping in touch with friends and family all over the world as well as business contacts overseas. Choose from instant messaging, voice and video calls or a combination of all three. Skype is a brilliant and cheap (and often free) way to keep in touch.

No. 5 = The Weather Channel

With our British obsession with weather and the need to know exactly what the weather is forecast to be at any particular time, it’s no surprise that The Weather Channel features in our top 10. Gives current and accurate weather conditions and future forecasts wherever you may be in the world.

No. 6 = Twitter

There are apparently over 500 million Twitter users worldwide with 10 million estimated users in the UK. Ideal for short and quick messages, you can post, direct message, upload photos or just follow fellow tweeters including celebs, businesses, friends and family.

No. 7 = Temple Run

One of the most popular ‘infinite runner’ games where you basically keep running whilst avoiding and dodging obstacles in your path. Guaranteed to be addictive and to drive you insane. There’s also Temple 2 and a couple of Disney versions.

No. 8 = Google Search

The world’s most popular search engine and arguably the best. If you need to look something up, you can pretty much bet that you’ll find it on Google.

No. 9 = Shazam

Got an annoying song in your head but don’t know what it is? You need Shazam. Just record a few seconds of the song in question and Shazam will identify the track and give you all the info you need such as the artist, name of the song, album it’s from etc. You can also tag it so you can buy it from iTunes, watch videos of it on YouTube and share it with your friends – genius!

No. 10 = Angry Birds

The original and infamous game which has spawned a whole load of spin-off games and a massive amount of merchandise. Popular with kids and adults alike, grab your slingshot and try your hand at picking off the pigs.