Samsung_curved_phoneFor anyone who’s had to pay for an expensive repair for a broken screen on their mobile phone or tablet, the news that curved screens will soon be featuring in smartphones and other mobile devices will be very welcome.

Samsung have just unveiled a new smartphone which will be called the ‘Galaxy Round’ and is similar to the Galaxy Note but with one unique variation – a curved screen. At the moment, it’s not destined for worldwide distribution but will be manufactured on a smaller scale and will only be available to buy in South Korea. If it proves to be successful, then it’s surely only a matter of time before Samsung rolls out curved-screen smartphones to the rest of the world.

The Galaxy Round comes with a 5.7-inch Super AMOLED screen and is powered by a 2.3GHz quad-core processor as well as packing in 3GB of RAM, a decent 2800mAh battery and 32GB of onboard storage. Despite its size it weighs just over 150 grams and boasts a roll effect where you can tilt or roll the phone to pick up your notifications or change the music you’re listening to, regardless of whether your screen is currently on or not.

And it's not just Samsung that are looking a curved screen devices - electronics giant LG have also announced that they will start production of mobile phones with curved screens in 2014.

LG and Samsung already sell curved OLED televisions so it’s no surprise that they are both at the forefront of curved-screen technology. Whilst Samsung’s Galaxy Round will feature a traditional mobile phone battery which means its shape is still fairly rigid, LG has already started mass production of curved batteries which can be used in smartphones, smart watches and smart glasses. This means that handsets with a curved flexible screen may not be too far from becoming reality. LG also have plans to manufacture a ‘cable’ battery in a few years time which as its name suggests, are super flexible and will be ideal for wearable technology. Watch this space for further developments on curved screen devices.