The_Future_of_Apple_According_to_Tim_CookIf you’re a bit of an Apple fan like us here at Chitter Chatter, the interview with Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, earlier this week at the D11 conference threw up a few little gems.

Whilst there was little divulged about any specific new Apple products, Tim Cook hinted at some exciting new gadgets in the pipeline saying, ‘we have some incredible plans that we’ve been working on for a while’.

There is increasing speculation that some new Apple hardware may be on the cards soon - perhaps due to be announced at Apple’s WWDC event coming up in a few weeks time? The fresh new Jony Ive inspired iOS 7 is on the way too and expected new features and enhancements for the OS  X as well. Keeping things close to his chest, Cook would not be drawn on what the new features and improvements will be but would only say that he was very excited, so we will just have to wait a few more weeks for all to be revealed.

There was a fair bit of interest in the future of Apple TV set top box, with more than 13 million devices sold to date and interesting over half of those were sold in the last year despite Apple not making a conspicuous effort to market them. Tim Cook did agree that Apple TV gave Apple a big opportunity to offer a more compelling experience in the future - perhaps  we'll soon see the long rumoured iTV to rival the other smart TVs on the market?

Cook also indicated that Apple will open up its Application Programming Interface (API) to a greater degree, which will give developers more scope and  offer Apple customers a better choice of software to use on their devices in the future.

In answer to questions regarding whether Apple was losing ground to some of its competitors, Cook was keen to point out that Apple’s competition has always been very strong; however Apple’s philosophy is not to sell the most devices but to develop products which people will actually use and get the most from. This was backed up by the iPhone, iPad and Mac scoring the highest in customer satisfaction ratings on a consistent basis.

As we mentioned earlier, Apple will hold their own Worldwide Developers Conference in a few weeks time so everything points to some new products being announced as well as the eagerly awaited news on the iOS 7 and OS X developments. As usual, watch this space for the latest news and developments from Apple as we get them.