iphone-5s-gold-leak-1376667559With just a few weeks to go before the anticipated launch of the new iPhone 5S, speculation and rumours have being building about exactly what we can expect from Apple’s latest handset. We thought we'd take a look at the latest on the predicted features and the possible new look of the eagerly awaited 5S.

Images have recently surfaced on the internet of an iPhone 5S in a shade of gold or ‘champagne’ which if accurate, could mean that Apple is finally moving away from just offering handsets in black and white. They do seem to have some credibility as some of the inner parts are also in gold and a few people in the know have also been alluding that a gold handset was imminent. Rest assured Apple will undoubtedly be offering the iPhone 5S in its usual shades of black and white too if the gold is just a bit too 'bling' for some.

Another potential upgrade for the iPhone 5S is that there may be a model which has a whopping storage capacity of 128GB. In the past, Apple has only ever made handsets with a maximum of 64GB storage. Iit will certainly be interesting to see the price differential for a model which will offer double the storage capacity.

Other speculation about the expected upgraded features on the iPhone 5S include reports that it will boast a 12-megapixel camera which will be particularly effective in low light conditions and that it will sport a faster lens that the iPhone 5 model which comes with a f/2.4 lens.

The iPhone 5S is also expected to have NFC (Near-Field Communication) which would certainly be useful for wirelessly transmitting documents and photos etc as well as the potential for making wireless payments for goods and services in shops in the future.

It’s unlikely that the iPhone 5S will come with a bigger screen size but the type of screen that Apple will use may well be different. Rumour has it that the iPhone 5S will feature IGZO screen technology rather than the usual IPS screen. IGZO consumes less power which could mean a welcome boost to its battery performance.

There’s been a lot written about the possibility that the iPhone 5S will come with innovative fingerprint sensor technology. If it does then it’s likely to be integrated into the iPhone’s Home key although what role it will play is subject to much debate. It could replace the pin-code to unlock your phone or it could play a more significant part in mobile security, time will tell!

Also expected to be improved and upgraded is the iPhone 5S processor, possibly increasing to a 1.5GHz quad-core version compared to the iPhone 5’s dual core 1.3GHz CPU. RAM is apparently going to double from 1 to 2GB which all in all means faster downloads, quicker browsing speeds and better gaming.

We anticipate that the iPhone 5S will be unveiled by Apple on the 10th of September so we will keep you updated on the latest as we get it.