iPhone_6_curved_screen_conceptThere’s been a flurry of rumours and speculation in the last week or so concerning the next iPhone handset - the iPhone 6. As all your Chitter Chatterers out there love a bit of speculation, especially when it comes to Apple, we thought we'd share the latest with you.

So far, Apple haven’t found it necessary to change the size of their iPhone screens at 4.0-inches but this could be about to change as their competitors continue to bring out mobile phones with a choice of screen sizes. A well respected source has reported that Apple has been testing a range of displays measuring up to 6-inches and it’s thought that Apple could in fact bring out two different sized handsets next year, one with a 4.7-inch screen and another which could compete with the phablets on the market and would measure 5.5-inches. It’s also expected that the design of the new iPhone 6 will mean that the display will reach close to the sides of the handset with ultra slim bezels to ensure they still retain their compactness.

Several articles also concur that Apple are looking to feature a screen with curved edges on the iPhone 6 which will be responsive to different levels of pressure sensitivity to the touch. This could mean that any apps which work with drawing or writing on the screen would work a lot better than they do currently. If the new iPhone handset is larger, then it would also make sense to feature a bigger camera so a 12 or 13-megapixel camera could be a possibility.

The iPad Air is already proving to be very popular so there are also rumours that Apple might be working on an iPhone Air which could sport a radical new radically slimmer and lighter iPhone design and a more powerful processor.

The rumoured release date for the iPhone 6 is sometime in the Spring of 2014, so we may not have to wait too long to see if all this speculation is true. As ever, we'll keep you posted.