iPhone mania will soon be upon us when the new iPhone 6 is unveiled to the world on 9th September. Such is the anticipation and hype that it's been reported that Apple are expecting to see sales of around 10 million iPhone 6 smartphones in the first week alone! Here is the latest speculation surround the newest iPhone.

Images have appeared online this week showing an ultra slimline iPhone 6 handset which could measure at just 7mm thin, this compares to a depth of 7.6mm for the iPhone 5S.

iphone6 2

It's been a while since we saw a curvy iPhone, we have to go back to the iPhone 3GS to see an iPhone with decent curves. Leaked images appear to indicate that the iPhone 6 (4.7-inch model) will sport some beautiful curvy lines. The images also show an aluminium back cover with the glass screen tapering down to merge with the rounded edges.


We're expecting to see the speaker and microphone at the bottom of the iPhone 6 handset along with the jack for the headphones.

Other reports recently published online may have unearthed a new feature for the iPhone 6 - reversible USB lightening cables. A fully reversible USB cable means that they can be plugged into your laptop or PC at either end.

Another feature which has slipped under the radar until now is the rumoured upgraded modem which could be included in the iPhone 6. This could mean that the iPhone 6 will offer faster LTE speeds and a much better performance than previous iPhones.