Apple unveiled their latest iPhone handset last night during a special event in San Francisco.

So what did we get? Well, pretty much as we expected because the leaks and rumours proved to be remarkably accurate.

The new iPhone is longer but not wider than its predecessor, the iPhone 4GS. By all reports, it sits just as snugly in your hand as it did before but the longer format allows for a bigger screen – 4 inches rather than 3.5 inches on previous models. What does that mean for you? Well, an extra row for app icons for starters. And a screen which will be ideal for streaming HD TV in particular but also HD movies.

However, the big aesthetic difference between the iPhone 5 and the 4GS is the fact that’s its slimmer (18% for those who want exact percentages) and 20% lighter. The glass back has been replaced by brushed aluminium, which has probably helped it to shed some weight. However it’s been achieved, your old iPhone is going to feel like a brick in comparison.

For the techies amongst you, there’s a new, faster processor in there –twice as fast as the one in the 4GS. For the layman, that means faster app loads and switches, smoother game play and better graphics. There’s also an upgraded camera – the pixel count remains the same but it performs better in low light conditions and comes with a panorama mode (where the camera can stitch together a 180 or 360 degree arc of pictures that you take.)

Now for some of the ‘not so good’ stuff. The jack has changed – it had to with the slimmer design. However, that means that the iPhone 5 won’t connect to any existing docks or accessories you have – you’re going to have to buy an adaptor. On the plus side, the ‘lightening jack’ does transfer data to and from your computer faster.

Some industry experts have also been surprised that Apple hasn’t grasped mobile payments nettle and included the payment technology NFC in their new phone like (unlike many other manufacturers.) However, the use of mobile phones to make payments is so low, we doubt that this is going to be a dealbreaker for anyone.

However, the real bonus of the iPhone 5 is that is comes with 4G LTE technology built in. To translate, that means the phone will connect to EE’s new superfast 4G network, 4GEE. So Chitter Chatter customers that live in the 16 cities earmarked for 4GEE rollout this year will be able to have their cake and eat it – a new iPhone 5 and the benefits of a network that delivers browsing and download speeds 5 times faster than existing networks. Imagine how fast your email attachments are going to download and relaxing on the train streaming HD TV and movies to your phone without buffering.

The iPhone 5 is an evolution rather than a revolution but it’s not the same as the iPhone 4 to 4GS upgrade – it’s something much more substantial than that. There’s no doubt that the new iPhone is a thing of aesthetic and ergonomic beauty which is going to make your existing handset look obsolete. Should you upgrade? Of course you should. And you know you’re going to.

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