iPhone-6-Air-concept-1We kick off the New Year with speculation concerning Apple and their forthcoming new iPhone models. As well as the iPhone 6 handsets which are expected to be launched in the Autumn, Apple are apparently planning on releasing larger iPhone devices to compete with the larger 'phablet' handsets which have proved very successful for their competitors. It's rumoured that the super-sized iPhones could make their debut this May and will feature a screen size much larger than the 5-inch screen which has been touted for the iPhone 6. They could also include a brand new A8 processor or an improved A7 version with 64-bit technology.

Reports from Asia indicate that the hotly anticipated iPhone 6 will hit stores in September and will boast a more slimline design than has been seen before. Some sources suggest that Apple could even aim for an ultra-slim handset along the lines of their recent thin iPad Air. In fact Apple could even go as far as to design a range of super slim and very lightweight iPhone Air mobile phones.

The iPhone 6 is also rumoured to feature a larger (possible 5-inch) screen with speculation that it could be up to half the thickness of the iPhone 5S. If this turns out to be true, it would be pretty phenomenal with a figure of just 3mm in being suggested. The Vivo X3 currently holds the record for the slimmest mobile phone measuring 5.75mm in depth. One source also speculates that the iPhone 6 handset could sport a design where the thickness of the handset is graded with the thinnest measurement at the top. Its also expected than the iPhone 6 will feature extremely thin bezels at the edges so it maximises the screen size without having to make the actual body of the handset significantly bigger.

We'll bring you more on the iPhone Phablet and the iPhone 6 as soon as we have it.