The iPhone 5, no less than 3 new iPads (3, 4 and Mini), Windows 8 Phones and a new 4G network - 2012 has certainly been a busy year for the mobile industry. But there's much more exciting stuff to come in 2013.

We've spent a bit of time gazing into our crystal ball and come up with these predictions for the coming year:

New iPhones

We realise this is hardly the most clairvoyant of predictions as we see a new version of the iPhone every year, whether it be a completely new model like the iPhone 5 or an improvement on a previous model like the iPhone 4S.

At the very least we'll be seeing an iPhone 5S - pictures of early prototypes have already leaked - but perhaps earlier than we thought. As we saw with the iPad 4, Apple seem to speeding up their product development cycle, partly in response to intense competition from Samsung and Google. So the iPhone 5 is likely to be hitting stores in the Spring.

Of course, a 6 month cycle between phones raises the interesting possibility that we could be seeing the iPhone 6 before the end of next year.

New High and Mid End Gadgets from Samsung

2013 should see the much rumoured Samsung Galaxy SIV riding in on the coat tails of its hugely popular predecessor the SIII.  The 'word on the street' is that the new device will include a quad core processor, the latest version of the Android operating system, a 5-inch full HD AMOLED display and a 13 megapixel camera (whoa! Ditch that DSLR!)

But that's not all.  We've also heard that Samsung are planning a mid range Note 2 'phablet' - no S Pen or AMOLED display though - and a 13.3" slate with a QWERTY keyboard dock.  Busy year for Samsung then!

Microsoft and Amazon to Launch Smartphones

Not put off by reportedly modest sales of its Surface tablet, it would appear that we'll be seeing a Microsoft Surface phone in 2013 too. Unsurprisingly, it will be running the Windows 8 operating system. There are also rumours that more Surface tablets may be on the way - including 8.6", 11.6" and 14.6" versions.

Another company we believe will enter the smartphone market in 2013 is Amazon. If there tablet range is anything to go by, they're likely to be aiming at the mid to low end of the market. Their new phone is rumoured to be launching in April.

Bendy Phones

As phones get ever bigger, don't you wish sometimes you could roll it up and stuff it into your bag or pocket.

Well, perhaps you will be able to in 2013 as bendy phones could be on the way.

Numerous companies are working on the technology - LG, Sony and Nokia amongst them - although reports suggest Samsung will be the first to deliver.

Bendy displays already exist but rigid components are the problem.  But the technology now exists to make those bendy too, so rollable and foldable phones could be with us soon. And the other great benefit - you'll be able to drop them without damaging them too (although not in the bath...)