Only One Exclamation Mark and Definitely No Kisses Please, We're British.

A recent survey of 1,928 people uncovered the phrases and symbols in emails that annoy people the most.

Us Brits spend a lot of time on email. 1 in 5 adults spend between 1 and 2 hours a day checking and sending email, 16% spend between 2 and 3 and a whopping 15% spend 5 hours or more. Sadly, this tedious activity doesn’t just happen in the work place with 31% checking their emails outside of work every few hours, 8% checking every hour and another 8% checking constantly.

Although other methods of communication are on the rise, 73% of people say that good old fashioned email is still their preferred method for work with 'face to face' coming in second, a conversation on the phone being third and 16% using instant messaging.

Only 8% think that text is fit for work purposes and 3% use social media (and probably work for Facebook).

With up to 10 hours a week being spent reading emails, it is inevitable that some irritating phrases have cropped up that regularly annoy the reader!!!!!! Too many exclamation marks being one for starters!!!! 52% of readers find that overuse of exclamation marks is deeply annoying with 16% believing that it is never acceptable to use even one in a work email.

One exclamation mark (used wisely) is accepted by 48% and 24% will allow two.

Capital letters, kisses and cc-ing people in unnecessarily are highly annoying habits for most with a whopping 67% finding the use of capital letters for an entire word or sentence unacceptable.

Capital letters are closely followed by kisses with 65% finding them abhorrent on an email.

The most annoying email habits ranked

1. Using capital letters for whole words or sentences – 67%
2. Using kisses or ‘x’ – 65%
3. CC’ing people who don’t need to be involved – 63%
4. Using slang, eg ‘OMG’ – 53%
5. Using too many exclamation marks – 52%
6. Sending an email without proofreading – 50%
7. Sending very long emails – 29%
8. Using emojis – 29%
9. Not having an email signature – 23%
10. Double emailing – 22%
11. Using smiley faces – 22%
12. Using coloured fonts – 21%

The survey revealed that the working public prefer an email to start with “Hi’ and end with ‘Kind Regards’.

Phrases such as 'Just looping in…’ and ‘As per my last email’ are totally unacceptable as are sign-offs including ‘love’, ‘warmly’, ‘cheers’ and ‘best’. 'Hey', 'Happy Friday' and 'To whom it may concern' are the worst ways to start an email apparently with no greeting at all being even less tolerable as follows:

The most irritating ways to start an email ranked

1. No greeting – 53%
2. To whom it may concern – 37%
3. Hey – 28%
4. Happy [Insert day]! Eg Happy Friday – 23%
5. Greetings – 22%

All these findings are definitely worth bearing in mind if you are wanting a particular action to come from the email you send to take heed and type carefully!!!!!!!!! (sorry, couldn’t resist).

The findings are taken from a survey carried out in the UK by Perkbox.

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