vertu_£7000_smartphoneThe rumour mill has been so rife with Apple device speculation this week - regarding the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and even the launch of a new iWatch - that we've had to cover that in a separate article. But there's plenty of other speculation to fill this week's chitter chatter.

For example, there could be as many as 3 new devices coming from Samsung in the next few months.

It's old news that the Samsung Galaxy SIV is expected to be announced at a press event on 15th March and be available in April. For those of you that haven't heard, the new device is rumoured to be featuring a 4.99-inch full HD 1080p AMOLED display, a 1.8GHz processor, 2GB of RAM, 4G connectivity, NFC, wireless charging, touchless gesture functionality and a 13-megapixel camera.

However, this week we learnt that it's likely to be accompanied by a lower spec, and smaller, 'mini' version - after the comparative success of the Galaxy SIII Mini.  The other new speculation is that Samsung are working on a smartwatch to rival the one that Apple is rumoured to be working on.

More imminent than the rumoured launch of the Galaxy SIV is the actual launch of HTC's new flagship smartphone, the HTC One.  Well, to be honest, we're not 100% sure it's going to be called the HTC One, but so many hints have been dropped to this effect that we'd be surprised if it wasn't.

What do we know about it? Not much.  There are some blurred teasers online (which you can look at here) and some low quality video footage of HTC CEO Peter Chou flashing it to his staff but we can't infer much from theses. However, we have heard HTC's new flagship will be slim, have a 4.7 inch screen, come in black, silver and white and feature more 'metal' in its design than its rivals. Oh, and the camera is likely to include new 'ultrapixel' technology for much sharper snaps.  Still, 19th February, the confirmed launch date, isn't too long to wait so we'll bring you the latest news when we have it.

Whilst we speculate about the latest flagship phones, let us ask you a question. How much would you pay for smartphone? £300? £400? Even £500, if it was something really special?  What about £7,000?

Well that's what luxury smartphone manufacturer Vertu will be charging for its latest handset.

What do you get for your £7,000?  Well, each device is assembled by hand and the name and signature of the person who assembled the phone is laser inscribed onto the inside lid of the SIM card holder.  You also get a "concierge" button that connects the caller with a global team who can provide localised advice and help with events and restaurant bookings. On top of all of that, you get durability - one handset remained intact and working after being run over by a delivery truck!

What you don't get is 4G connectivity. Given that, and the rather premium price tag, we don't think Chitter Chatter customers will find it too disappointing that we won't be offering the Vertu.