Huawei-MediaPad-7-VogueOne of the recent trends in mobile phones is that they're getting bigger, so big that a new category of phone has emerged - the phablet. And phablets are getting bigger too - in fact they're really starting to push into actual tablet territory.  To illustrate this point, Huawei, the Chinese mobile phone manufacturer that likes to grab headlines, has brought out a absolute whopper. It's called the Huawei MediaPad 7 Vogue and it's got a 7-inch screen - that's almost as big as an iPad Mini! With a gi-normous 1024 x 600 pixel display, it combines an android smartphone, tablet and entertainment centre in one device. It’s also pretty slim at 9.5mm and will initially be available in China before being rolled out worldwide.

The other trend, other than bigger smartphones and phablets, is that technology is becoming available in 'wearable' formats. Some of it - like Google Glass - is definitely only for the geeks out there but there are signs that SmartWatches are beginning to take off.

Sony-SmartWatch-2Hence, it's not surprise that Sony have just announced they will be releasing their SmartWatch 2 in September. What precisely does a SmartWatch do (other than tell the time?) Well, this one alerts you to calls, texts and emails and can also be used as a remote control for your phone’s camera shutter via a Bluetooth connection to your Android device. It looks pretty 'smart' too.

It's been a busy week for Song because they have also unveiled their impressive Xperia Z Ultra smartphone/phablet complete with a 6.4-inch TV-quality screen, super-fast processor, long-lasting battery and it’s also dust, scratch and shatter-resistant as well as being water resistant to well over 1 metre. Check out our Xperia Z Ultra blog for lots more info.

Good news for those champing at the bit to use your phone on flights - BA is going to be relaxing its rules. You're still going to have to turn off your phone when preparing for take off as soon as the plane leaves the gate but you will now be able to turn your phone on and start checking voice messages, texts and email as soon as the plane hits the tarmac. In truth, that only buys you a few more minutes of quality time with your phone as the plane taxis to its gate but it's better than nothing.

vodafone_power_pocket_sleeping_bag_charger-300x204And finally, with festival season upon us, Vodafone have come up with a novel way of charging your phone whilst you’re out and about with the new ‘Power Pocket’charger. Basically thermoelectric material which uses the heat from your body to charge up your handset is compact and flexible enough to be made into a pocket and sewn into clothing or fabric such as you clothes or into a sleeping bag. Eight hours of you being in a sleeping bag is enough to charge up your phone for 8 hours of use. Perfect for festivals, the pocket chargers were available at the Isle of Wight Festival earlier in June and keep your eyes peeled for them at other Vodafone sponsored festivals throughout the summer.