The weird and wonderful smart devices which are invented on a regular basis never cease to amaze us. There are some that are brilliantly clever and very useful and others which are downright whacky. Here are 5 of our favourite weird new smartdevices.

Lumo Lift

Lumo-LiftIf you spend way too much time slumped over your laptop, tablet or smartphone and your back and posture are suffering then this could be just the gadget to give your poor back and shoulders a bit of a break. For around £60 this handy little device keeps tabs on your posture and vibrates when you start to slouch. Lumo Lift is a small gadget which can be worn on or under your clothes, it syncs with a range of devices running on iOS which include iPhone 4s and onwards, iPod Touch 5th generation and iPads and works via Bluetooth. As well as helping you improve your posture, it can also be used to track steps taken, distance travelled and calories burned.

Smart Contact Lenses

smart_contact_lensesThere are a couple of smart contact lenses currently under development. One is ETH Zurich's remarkable lenses which come complete with built-in ultra thin circuitry technology which can help to monitor the users eye health which includes checking eye pressure for glaucoma suffers. The other is Google who are also working on their own smart lenses which will monitor glucose levels in diabetics. Diabetes is an ever-growing problem with around 5% of the world's population currently suffering from the disease so the Google project could really make a difference to how it is monitored and managed.

Ping Clothing

pingWhy use your smartphone or tablet to interact with your social media apps when items of Ping Clothing can do it for you! Ping takes wearables to a different level. Just put on your interactive Ping hoodie and you can like or message your friends just by performing certain gestures such as swinging your arms, using the zip or lifting up the hood. It's possible to customise your messages and to send them to certain groups of friends only and if your friends message you, you'll get an alert via a gentle ping on your shoulder.

Sensory Fiction

Sensory-Fiction-augmented-reality-book-with-wearable-technologyLove reading? Like to immerse yourself in a good book then Sensory Fiction will certainly let you engross yourself in a story. It works by the reader wearing a special vest and as you read the accompanying Sensory Fiction book, the vest will react with specific physical sensations which could mean gentle vibrations to evoke love or shivering if the weather or story's character is cold. Definitely an interactive and interesting way to enjoy a good book.