This week saw the eagerly anticipated launch of EE’s 4G superfast service which initially covers 11 of the UK’s largest cities namely; London, Southampton, Bristol, Cardiff, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield, Edinburgh and Glasgow. By the end of 2012, a further 5 cities including Nottingham, Newcastle, Belfast, Derby and Hull will have 4G access meaning that over 20 million people in the UK will have 4G coverage. A whopping £1.4 million is being invested by EE every day for the next 3 years to ensure that by 2014, 98% of the UK will be able to tap into EE’s 4G services. 

With online speeds expected to be up to five times quicker than 3G and similar to the speeds of decent home broadband, working on the move, browsing the internet, downloading documents, gaming and watching tv or a movie will be infinitely quicker and more enjoyable. As well as living in a 4G area, you will also need a phone which is 4G compatible, check out our latest EE 4G phones and tariffs here. 

Fans of the big screen will no doubt be tempted by the fabulous EE Film offers including 2 for 1 cinema tickets available every Wednesday at cinemas across the UK. You just need to download the EE Film app or send a text from your EE mobile to get your free film entry code. Also as a special launch offer, all 4GEE customers can download any film of their choice for free including the cost of the data download or streaming, every week until February of next year. Currently there’s a choice of over 700 films to watch on your 4GEE phone, tablet or laptop wherever you may be. 

EE has also launched a new ‘Clone Phone’ service which can be an absolute life-saver if you inadvertently lose your phone and all of your personal contacts, photos and information with it. Not only is your phone replaced within 24 hours but Clone Phone also backs up your contacts, photos and videos so they can be downloaded onto your new phone using the Clone Phone app. For more information, take a look at Clone Phone for yourself.