What’s the coolest thing you can do? Believe it or not, it’s streaming a YouTube video on your iPhone or iPad.  That’s because Apple and YouTube were voted the top 2 brands in the recent CoolBrands Survey.

The Survey questioned over 3,000 consumers and 39 designers, style magazine editors and other experts to determine the world’s coolest brands.  This year Apple and YouTube took the top 2 places – knocking Aston Martin of its perch.  Is packing an iPhone really cooler than driving a DB9?  We’ll leave that decision up to you.

Talking about Apple, the iPhone 5 is now available to buy (you can get hold of yours here) and with the launch has come the official release of the latest version of the Apple operating system, iOS6.

This is big news for Apple owners, even if they don’t intend to upgrade to an iPhone 5, as iOS6 will be powering all iPhones from the 4 upwards, as well as the iPad.

What’s changed? Well, we’ll be going into more detail soon but new features include a new (and much criticised) map app, greater Facebook and Twitter integration, a Siri overhaul, new Passbook functionality for storing digital tickets, a panorama mode for the camera and some tweaks to the browser and email interfaces.

Meanwhile, the pace of new smartphone releases shows no sign of letting up. This week saw the launch of the new Windows Phone 8 from HTC.  There’s a clue in the name – this is a joint venture between HTC and Microsoft – and both companies will be funding its promotion.

We’ll write up the 2 models – the 8X and the 8S – shortly.  Suffice it to say that the 8X is the premium model, the 8S more mid range, and they’ll both be available in early November.

Of course, whether you’re an Apple, Samsung or HTC fan, the one place you can’t fiddle with your mobile is on a plane. However, all of that is about to change.  Boeing has announced that it will be installing wifi as standard on its planes from 2013.  That means not only will you be able to use your mobile phone onboard to talk to friends and family, but you’ll be able stream video and live TV too. Who needs in-flight entertainment?

Finally, one example of entertainment going too far is the tale of a 6 year old boy and an iPad owned by the boy’s grandfather.

Whilst playing Tiny Monsters on his grandfather’s iPad, 6 year old Will Smith managed to rack up a £2000 bill buying premium credits to speed his progress through the game.  His grandfather had sync’ed his credit card with his iTunes account and young Will knew his iTunes password.

The good news is that Apple refunded the money. And those of you that have had similar experiences will be interested to monitor at court case in the US where disgruntled parents have clubbed together to sue Apple for similar problems. If that case is successful, it will no doubt open the floodgates to a wave of claims.

Of course, the alternative to suing Apple is to keep you iPad or iPhone out of the unsupervised care of your children/grandchildren. Better not to lose the money in the first place rather than spend months trying to get it back.