Did Apple’s iPhone 5 disappoint? Well, it might have disappointed some journalists but it certainly hasn’t disappointed the smartphone buying public – it’s literally flying off the shelves.

Although nobody’s going to get their hands on one until later this month, it has been available for pre-order from Apple and those pre-order stocks sold out within 24 hours. That’s 2 million iPhone 5 handsets – double the sales of the iPhone 4S in the same period. Analysts now expect Apple to shift a staggering 10 million handsets by the end of the month.

The iPhone 5’s popularity is probably not doing much for the previous star of the smartphone market – the Galaxy SIII of rival manufacturer Samsung. So it’s hardly surprising that some rumours have already begin to leak out of Samsung re the launch date for the Galaxy SIV – March 2013 apparently.

However, no sooner had the rumour escaped than the Korean firm was denying it – no doubt mindful of killing off any sales potential the SIII had in the coming months. Oh, and for what’s it worth, the SIV’s screen is supposed to be up from 4.8 inches to 5 – a whole inch bigger than the iPhone 5.

Talking of business rivalries, Amazon have intensified theirs with Apple with the launch of the Amazon Cloud Player in the UK. We’ll be writing more about this soon, particularly the pros and cons of using it vs. iTunes, but suffice it to say you’ll be able to store up to 250 songs for free in ‘the cloud’ (i.e. stored by Amazon rather than on your PC or MP3 player.) In fact, if you purchase your MP3 files from Amazon, you can store as many songs as you like in their 'cloud.' And you’ll be able to play them on an Android phone, Android tablet, iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac or PC.

Amazon may be taking on Apple in the music download market but it looks like Apple will be taking on Amazon in the ‘mini’ tablet market. Rumours have been flying around about the launch of a new Apple iPad Mini for weeks, to rival Amazon’s successful Kindle Fire, and this week some pictures leaked on to the internet. We shouldn’t have long to wait to find out if it’s all true – the launch of the Mini is expected in October.

Talking of new launches, one to note but which probably won’t get too many pulses racing is the launch of Motorola’s RAZR i. It’s a mid range phone so isn’t meant to rival the iPhone 5 or Samsung SIII but it has a superfast Intel processor inside so it does have some advantages – it can load web pages fast and has a camera that launches in less than a second and takes 10 shots in a second so you can choose the best one. It also promises a longer lasting battery than rivals.

The RAZR i will be available in the UK next month.