There have been rumours circulating for a while that Apple are working on a new 4-inch iPhone.  However several sources have discounted the speculation so it looks like the larger iPhone models are here to stay. However, a patent has recently been awarded to Apple concerning the making of a foldable smartphone and there are also reports that Apple have enlisted Foxconn to develop OLED screens for their iPhones as well as the Apple Watch. A foldable iPhone with an OLED screen could certainly be an interesting product for the future, watch this space!

If you ever wished that your smartphone could charge up in a few minutes instead of a few hours or more, then your wish may soon come true. A innovative company called StoreDot could change smartphone batteries as we know them as they've developed new smartphone battery technology which means that handsets could be charged in just 2 minutes. The batteries in question have a shorter battery life of around 5 hours but as they only charge in a couple of minutes and are slim enough to fit into new smartphones, a twice or three-times daily charge is not seen to be a major issue. Look out for these new batteries soon.

xperia-z4-sony-hack-leak-3Leaked reports have emerged with details on the expected new Sony Xperia Z4. According to these reports, the Z4 will feature in the new James Bond film which is due to be released in 2016. It's thought that the Z4 will be released in the Summer or Autumn of this year and sports a metal design, front and rear glass panels and is squarer in shape than the Z3. No other specs have emerged as yet but we'll be sure to bring you the rumours as we get them.

And finally, there's always lots of weird and wacky new tech which emerges at CES and this year is no exception. Some of the most amusing this week have been a 20 foot totally functional robot called Megabeam with gigantic proportions which unsurprisingly is controlled remotely, a segway type of personal mobility gadget without handle bars from Panasonic, a smart mirror which can offer skin advice and 'Tablet Man' - effectively a tablet which straps on your head to replace your face. Handy!