A few months back we mentioned that the new iPad 5 was going to have a major re-design along the lines of the iPad Mini, with thinner bezels and a slimmer profile. Well, this has been as good as confirmed as a number of iPad cases have emerged onto websites such as alibaba.com designed for an iPad with - guess what? Yes, thinner bezels and a slimmer profile!  Apple releases device dimensions to accessories makers well in advance of manufacture so that those accessories makers have time to make then prior to launch, and so new iPad buyers have plenty of shiny new accessories to chose from. So we're almost certain that the cases will reflect the new design.

Talking of Apple devices, we've heard another rumour about the iPhone 5S this week, and for those of you who like taking nocturnal photographs it's great news. The new iPhone handset will feature a 12 megapixel which apparently will be better equipped for taking photographs in low light conditions.

Moving from one smartphone manufacturer to another, Blackberry fans will be interested to hear the latest speculation coming out of the Canadian company.  Firstly, and most excitingly, the rumour is that Blackberry is planning a 'phablet' device with a 5 inch touchscreen - a bit liked a pumped up Z10. They're also supposed to be planning mid-range versions of the Q10 (with keyboard) and the Z10 too - good news for those of you who might have been finding those models a bit on the pricey side.

Those of you excited about the prospect of 'Facebook Home' but disappointed that it's only been released for Android at the moment will be pleased to learn that Facebook are in active discussions with Apple about creating a 'Facebook Home' for iPhones.  For those of you who don't know (where have you been?), 'Facebook Home' is a tailored version of the Android operating system which you can download to you phone. Users will see updates from the friends and brands they're connected to rather than a screenful of apps when they power up their phone. They'll also have access to a series of bespoke Facebook apps.

Can you remember when a Motorola was a must-have mobile? It's been a while since the company took their inspiration from Star Trek and brought the first 'clam' phone to the world. Of course, there were taken over by Google not that long ago and although no 'Google-inspired' smartphone or tablet has been forthcoming as yet, there's definitely a few devices in the pipeline. And, according to Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, we can expect these new products to be 'phenomenal'.

When pressed at a recent conference on whether the new products were tablets or just phones, Schdmit said to "think of them as phones-plus." That's not much to go on but intriguing none-the-less.  Industry speculation is that we can expect something more groundbreaking than Google's existing Nexus devices, but exactly how groundbreaking they are, we'll have to wait and see.