Competition in the tablet market is still a hot topic with reports that Google is planning on launching a cheaper Nexus tablet with a retail price of less than £100. Rumour has it that the low cost tablet will feature a single-core processor and could be on sale in the next few months at a cheaper price than its peers such as the Kindle Fire HD - watch this blog for more details as we get them.

Imagine how much more you could do with Smartphone when you’re on the move if you didn’t have to worry about conserving some power in your phone battery or finding somewhere you could re-charge it.  A technology report claims that a new power amplifier has been designed which could revolutionise the mobile phone industry with its ability to double the battery life of electronic devices including mobile phones. The new technology should be made available next year with the hope that it will be rolled out to mobile phones shortly afterwards. 

AeroMobile, who offer in-flight mobile services to the aviation industry, have partnered up with aircraft manufacturer Boeing to offer passengers on Thai Airways the option of using their mobile phones onboard certain flights. Seven of Thai Airways Boeing aircraft are being fitted with technology that will enable passengers to use their mobiles safely whilst they are in the air. One of the planes has already been kitted out and as of this week passengers can text, phone, email or browse the internet on their own handsets. UK based AeroMobile is hoping to make this service available on other Boeing and Airbus planes in the near future. 

Are you a fan of Facebook’s new timeline or are you still trying to get to grips with it? There are reports that Facebook is testing yet another change to its newsfeed with a design featuring a number of changes, being trialled by a small percentage of Facebook users. From what we’ve heard, the current 2-column design with posts scrolling down on both sides of the screen could be replaced by a single column of status updates and posts with the right-hand side of the screen being used for friends, apps and activity updates. It’s fair to say that the current timeline which was completely switched over in August has not been a big hit with many users; we’ll let you know more news on this as we have it. 

In last week’s Chitter Chatter, we had a look at the plans to revive the Blackberry with a new operating system and a raft of new smartphones. The so-called Blackberry 10 Smartphones are due to be released in the first quarter of 2013 after passing their ‘carrier certification’ where hardware, functionality and network testing has been done. Testing and evaluation will continue with Blackberry’s technology partners around the world over the next few months. According to RIM’s Present and CEO, Thorstein Heins, the response from Blackberry’s partners has been ‘tremendous’ with great excitement about the forthcoming launch in 2013.