Lots and lots of leaks emerged this week concerning the upcoming 'All New HTC One'. And it looks like we're in for a treat if the rumours are to believed.  Not only have HTC revamped their design to make a rather beautiful and sleek handset, the specs are looking pretty good too. The new smartphone is apparently due to be launched at a HTC event on the 25th March. The All New HTC One is expected to feature a 5-inch Full HD display and two rear cameras which will be capable of taking 3D photos and video. The new smartphone will run on Android KitKat 4.4 and will be powered by a 2.3GHz Snapdragon processor. Keep an eye on our updates for the latest news.

Running HTC close for the number of leaks and rumours this week comes Apple's iPhone 6. The most recent speculation is that the iPhone 6 could be similar in size to the iPhone 5 but the display will be bigger thanks to a few design tweaks and the possible absence of bezels on the sides of the phone. Rumours also persist regarding the likelihood of Apple using super-tough sapphire glass in the screen of the iPhone 6 as well as in the fingerprint sensor. Apple have also been busy behind the scenes filing patents, including one to do with 'self-healing technology'. Speculation is that Apple have developed some new technology which includes a self healing layer which could significantly protect and enhance the screens of their devices - an exciting development if true.

Moving from phones that haven't yet been announced to ones that have, let's talk more about Samsung's recently unveiled Galaxy S5. Or, to be more precise, let's talk about the software on the S5, as Samsung has given their TouchWiz user interface a bit of a make-over. The new TouchWiz UI has a more contemporary and understated look about it and it also has less menus and tabs. When the S5 was being designed Samsung signed a new patent deal with Google and as a result the new TouchWiz UI is more streamlined and uncluttered whilst maintaining some of the original TouchWiz design concept such as the grid-based layout. We'll know more when we get our hands on the first S5s in the coming weeks.

And finally, does your life seem a bit dull in comparison to some of the exciting things your Facebook friends seem to be getting up to? Fear not, because all may not be as it seems. You see, a recent survey of the social media habits of 2000 UK adults who use Facebook discovered that up to a third of content posted on Facebook was in fact lies! It's undoubtedly common to edit photos so you look your best but some users confessed to posting pictures from several years ago so they looked younger, sharing articles on their feed which they hadn't even read to make them look cleverer and exaggerating posts about their social life or careers.

Now you wouldn't do that, would you?